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I haven't been doing a whole lot lately, mostly lurking. I don't usually follow news stories very much but I have been following the Swift Vets story very closely, and until I get a solid story from the Kerry campaign refuting their claims, instead of just trying to make excuses and retell their story five different ways (all together now, everyone say CAMBODIA!), all I've been doing is lurking at the Swift Vets forum and surfing the net for anything I can find about this whole mess.

I personally think it is a valid argument against Kerry's character. He keeps telling us about how he plans on making things better as president, I have so far failed to hear what those plans might be. The man has no story to stand on. The democrats were fools for electing him.

They would have been far better off with Dean or even Lieberman (i happen to really LIKE Lieberman and if he had gotten the nomination, I would still be undecided and probably would have ended up voting for him).

I still stand by my statement that I hate Politics. But I have an intense interest in it.

Right now, anybody who says their voting for John Kerry due to ABB (anybody but bush), is a flippen' idiot. And I will stand by those words. I honestly don't care if those words are directed at friends of mine or people I know. Most people I know who are voting for Kerry are due to their intense dislike for Bush or that they are just plain yellow dog democrats (ignorant son of a bitches).

If they are voting for Kerry because they are voting for Kerry, then I take that back. But I don't see how anybody who dwelves into this story can possibly vote for John Kerry after the overwhelming evidence against him. Unless they happen to be taking the Media's word for it. And we all know how trustworthy the Media can be. *blah!*

I can't see how anybody can actually want John Kerry to be president. And yes, I have read the Swiftee's book. I would suggest reading it before you discredit it. Like most of the news media has not been doing.

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