Today At Work. . .

Today at work was probably the most interesting day I've had in a long, long time. And I was only there for five hours.

We had a guy stuff a shirt down his pants (when Monika told us that what he was doing, I thought she said he was whacking off to the porn!) and his crack head girlfriend tried to sell our movies back to us. They were still in the wrapping, the tags were just visibly torn off.


They also didn't schedule any front end associates. All day. So it would have just been me on a friday until the next manager came in. So we called in a surplus amount of people from another store and got them to work. We got so much crap taken care of! Damn it felt good!

When I was in the office, I took a phone call and decided to help the guest with a movie, when I stepped back to look on the computer, I tripped over a box and fell on my ass, dropped the phone and made a pretty good mess. I laughed at myself after it. It feels good to laugh.

Oh, and we gave out free ice cream, like we did last friday, but nobody wanted it. Last Friday, everyone was renting movies because it was so miserable out. And because it was so cold, nobody would take our free icecream that we were handing out on Fridays through the month of August. Today it was so hot out that nobody wanted to rent movies. So I think we got stuck with more ice cream.

I had two ice cream sandwiches myself. They weren't that great, and were kind of melting all over the place, but hey! They were free!

And I bought a couple of new CDs in support of the CD industry. With them came another free CD and a free Music Video DVD. I couldn't resist. Los Lonely Boys and Evanescence (i finally broke down and bought it, I've been waiting for it to come out used forever, but i kept missing it. And I got a free DVD for buying it new. :|

Then I came home and played Rummy with my mom and brother with Scooby Doo playing cards. Before i went to work, I had found a new Kerry website that makes me loathe the man even more (i hear plenty of the anti bush rhetoric, I wanted to know what the other side had to say)

Politics is just a nasty game. But it's a great site, with lot's of good jokes!

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