So, what's the news today?

I signed into school yesterday, so I'm preparing to start this next week. Its just a general business class, kind of expensive considering the thing's going to cost me about $700, but its a start to getting back into school. I'm going through University of Pheonix for now, they've got me started on a business degree, maybe this will buy me some time before I transfer to Eastern later, or else maybe the army will have some more definite news for me.

All I have to do is finish the Financial Aid and get a letter from my commander (I'm not really counting on this) but I only have to take the class for two days and the rest is all online. I'm not sure how much I'm going to like this format to tell you the truth. I'm really bad at doing things correspondance and I actually like to be in school full time.

I guess I'm having second thoughts but we'll see!

Meanwhile, totally revamped Creature so that it kind of mirrors this site.

I've gotten some positive feedback from it so far, it was a bit boring before, being all white and blah. I kind of like the look now.

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