Such a Dirty Sport

I'm feeling a little frustrated lately in regards to my personal and political beliefs. I wish I didn't feel so strongly about politics, but I do. And it drives me crazy.

See, I could never be a politician myself. I would never want to hold an office like that and preside over any part of the country. I second guess myself to much. But I wish more people would think before they voted.

My main problem with this current presidential election is I feel to many people are voting for Kerry because they don't like Bush. I personally think that this is a bullshit reason for voting for anybody. If you vote against somebody without researching the person you're voting for, you may vote a worse person into office.

I've done my research on both candidates, and quite frankly, I'm not going to tell people how to vote. that's up to them. But bloody hell! There are so many people who have this personal vengeance against Bush that they feel anybody is better then him!

Has anybody done any research on Kerry? I mean, where does this man stand on any issue? The thing is, he doesn't! I don't get it!

I posted a rather angsty and angry post in my live journal about John Kerry in the hopes that somebody would reply to me or at least give me a good debate on who John Kerry is, as everyone in my livejournal will probably be voting along the left of the ticket this fall. I had one biter, who didn't really even comment along the lines that I wanted to.

Are people so ignorant these days to just turn a blind eye to what is going on around them? I don't get LiveJournal because half the time I don't know what to write there, sometimes people will actually post replies to what I have to say and half the time I just feel like everyone is to chicken to take me up on something. Which is one of the reasons I just go off and privatize most of my entrees, because I don't see the point of posting there. I saw LiveJournal as a possibility for a debate forum, and though I never really got into debate in highschool, about htis time of year I enjoy getting into some really heated discussions on politics that will cause at least somebody to think. I don't know, if I got at least one person on my LJ to think about what I said, maybe it wasn't such a waste afterall to alienate the rest of them.

I guess politics can be a dirty sport.

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