Comes With A Warning

WARNING: I will be ranting about election matters for the next 70 days, you have been warned. . .

More Democratic Hypocracy as far as I can tell.

No matter what any of the republicans say or do, the democrats seem to just fillet them alive with any libel and slander they can think of.

They call on Bush to denounce the SwiftBoat Ad. He denounces all 527 ads, putting the Democrats on the defensive. Now they accuse him of not acting fast enough.

They say they found a flier in a GOP headquarters building in Florida, but everything about that Flier proves that it was planted BY THE DEMOCRATS!!!

And let's talk about links to 527 Groups, shall we?

The Democratic Party is partnering with MoveOn.org, People for the American Way, Campaign for America's Future, and dozens of other groups representing millions of Americans to organize a massive public mobilization.

Can we say, partnership of the DNC with 527s???????? HYPOCRACY HYPOCRACY!!!

Democrats are all for the Freedom of Speech. Oh, the Swifties put out a damaging book based on eyewitness fact which is supurbly documented, LET'S BAN IT!

Wait, none of these men served on John Kerry's boat meaning they didn't serve with John Kerry! None of their words matter!

Oh, this Rood fellow gives a crediting account to John Kerry, except for one minor discrepency. HE WAS ON ANOTHER BOAT!!! But because his account favors John Kerry, we'll accept it as gospel. Except for his account actually CONFIRMS Unfit for Command rather then dispel it!

And the media is just rolling over this? The media is jumping all over Kerry's bandwagon and ignoring the facts, that all of this would be resolved if Kerry would sign a DD Form 180 and release his military records, just like they hounded Bush to do for so long. And Bush wasn't even running on his records! Kerry is! Becuase Kerry made it such an issue, I say release his records.

That, and I'm curious as to where Kerry was from '70-'72, when he was supposedly in the NAVAL RESERVE!!! Bush going AWOL??? That's what the democrats are saying. It looks like Kerry was doing the same!

MEDIA BIAS, MEDIA BIAS! It's written all over the place. Everyone is attacking Bush and throwing this back in Bush's face when it has NOTHING TO DO WITH BUSH! This is a personal issue between the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and John Kerry.

Amazing how a little grass roots effort who has had one major political donor linked to Bush (and about a few thousand others contributing anywhere from $5-$1,000) when you can't ignore the links to the Democrats and the 527s everywhere you look. And they've thrown at least $60 million at Bush. These Swifties have thrown about $500,000 at Kerry. And the Media just rolls over like they're Kerry's lap dog. Tells you one reason why I don't bother with the media. I read what they have to say, I read the swifties counterpoint, and I can't help but see the facts laying blaringly obvious in front of me. Believe me, I entered this fray with an open mind and looking at all sides of the issues.

What about Micheal Moore? He's classified as a 527 and he's got prime seating at the Democratic National Convention!

What burns me up about this mess is the blatant hypocracy shown by the democratic party towards this.

These men are not about republicans or democrats. They are about one thing only. Exposing John Kerry. Their evidence is pretty intense, if people would just take a moment and look at it. (people being MainStreamMedia)

I dare anyone and everyone to read through Unfit for Command with an open mind, take it for what it is, and you might find yourself surprised. This is Kerry's word against theirs. And Kerry's word is turning more and more discredited. But the Media won't see that. They have stood by their word. Kerry has not. His story has only changed half a dozen times. I can not see past this, I will continue to rant about it until it is viewed in an objectional manner and taken seriously.

I think the office of the presidency deserves at least that. If they can test Bush and rake him over the coals over the smallest little discrepency, they should do the same with Kerry.

SIGN THE 180 Kerry! What are you trying to hide from us?

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