Defining Trolls

Ok, so why do people e-mail me to insult me? I got another piece of 'hate mail' in my inbox of somebody telling me how i must feel special to feel so tough when a poor little Iraqui girl has no arms somewhere because the big bad americans bombed her house.

Ok, so that pertains to a preventive medicine specialist how?

I was telling my dad back when about Trolls when my website first got its surge of readers from out of nowhere and at the time, I thought of a troll as a big green ugly thing that waits under a bridge to try to lure the billy goats. At least, that's where I thought the monikor was derived. But my dad, who is a fisherman, explained it better to me. Trolling is a fishing term, you cast your lure into the water and you troll it through the water, trying to lure the fish into biting.

So, what do trolls do on websites like this? They try to post something provocative and usually written in a nasty manner to catch people's attention and try to get them to bite. Then once they bite, you can start this big massive argument going that really doesn't change anybody's opinion and only causes tempers to rise and people to get really irritated at one another.

NEWS TO TROLLS!!! In the military, my job is environmental science, preventive care and education. I carry a weapon in self defense only. I don't bomb people, my job is to make sure people don't get sick. I must have one of the most liberal oriented job fields in the military. Seriously. I'm not kidding. In fact, I can name at least five people that at one time was in my chain of command that voted for Kerry this last election. Give it up.

And with my next post, I'll finally address that issue of Iraq and where I stand, because I promised what's her name that I would give her my honest opinion on the matter. STOP TALKING TO ME ABOUT IRAQ AND TRYING TO GIVE ME A GUILT TRIP ALREADY!!!

(I think I prefer thinking of trolls as big ugly monsters that hide under bridges trying to lure billy goats)

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