Vow to refrain from Boredom

Well, I'm starting to get in the groove of things, I even have access to the computer in my office as well as the all important password to all sorts of government stuff.

I feel special.

Weather is still frigid. Somedays its cool yet sunny, other times its snowing big fat snowflakes, and sometimes it stings your face and your ears lose all of their feeling. But there is always snow on the ground. Going out amidst the locals, its actually rather pretty. I hear once the snow melts we will get to see the trash. Hmm. . .

So far since I've been here, I've been outside the wire about four times. I go back outside the wire again this week another three times, which is the case with my job. I'm beginning to see that this is one of the many perks about my job. My mobility. I will get to see the region, and I will see a lot of it.

And I've been to both the Greek and the Pole/Ukrainian Camps. The Americans stationed there have it tough. We visited them on a Saturday, they were playing Halo2 on a big screen TV.

Must be tough to be analysts.

I've decided I need an Xbox. My current addiction to RedvsBlue makes me want to play Halo. And we have a lot of time on our hands during our off hours.

Actually, i also want to direct videos. I vow not to be bored here.

But apparently, with all of the jobs that are going to be piled on my plate while I'm here, I won't be.

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