The Quintessential New Year's Post

A year ago, like every year, I put up a list of New Year Resolutions. Let's see how I did.

1- Get Website back online

Well, at the time, I had completely deleted my website. It was part of my way of coaping with the fact that the army was toying with me at the time, the whole "you're deploying to Iraq, Wait, we changed our minds." I was a bit frustrated, and I took it out on my website. It was zapped from the face of the internet. I actually put it back on shortly after New Years, however, it was deleted again sometime in September, but that wasn't quite my fault.

a) get it functional and half way interesting

That is up to debate.

2- Find a decent paying job.

I work at a slighly above minimum wage job, which actually pays pretty well considering Washington minimum Wage is at $7.10, however, this was not accomplished do to the fact that the army was, well, toying with me and their decision on whether or not they were going to Mob me. I was slated to go somewhere a half dozen times and I didn't feel it necessary to find another job. THis was accomplished sometime in November, when the Army said 'we got a job for you' and now I'm on Active Duty. Much better pay.

3 - Get at least CUSA and CAP1 paid off.

Done. Then my Sister Used the CUSA and I added more to CAP1. But they were both paid off at one time this year.

4- Run Bloomsday this year. No, I mean it!

Ran the bloody whole thing. Was hurting for a week.

5- Move out on my own, one way or another.

Eh, army killed a lot of my motivation to do this, because I didn't know what was going on. Hence, never moved out, well, until about November.

6- Jump a snowboard.

I'm getting into intermediate/Expert area, but the snow isn't the greatest here, usually it get's icy. When you fall on ice, it hurts, so I don't really focus on dare devil tactics. I can't afford to get hurt. HOwever, toward the end of last season, I had successfully gone Airborne many times without falling, but I have yet to catch serious air.

The snow hasn't been great this year so far either. I'll be missing the rest of the season.

7- Read one new book a month.

Did really well for about, oh, four months, then I got distracted.

8- Sign up for Martial Arts (I've always wanted to take a class)

I still vow to do this one day. I wish I could have when I was younger.


Army terminology, tried to sign up, the Training NCO wasn't very cooperative however. I think he had more on his mind.

10- Speak acronymics less.


11- Rekindle friendships with Suzanne, Andrea and Marnie, Carla, etc. . .

Attempted to with Suzanne, however she moved and I never got her phone number, mission accomplished with Andrea and Marnie, lost Carla's information. Damn.

12- Date at least once a month (I mean, I really just need to take a chance on the opposite sex!)

This is really quite a lost cause on me.

13- Break some bad habits of mine.

I'm trying to remember what those bad habits were.

14- And of course, it wouldn't be a new years resolution if I didn't include Lose Five Pounds.
a) Then Tone Up Body
b) And Run more. A lot more.
c) And work out more in general.

My weight has continually fluctuated by a margin of five pounds. And its right after the holidays, so I'm on the upper end of that scale. As for working out, well, that's a lost cause as well.

So how did I do? About fifty/fifty. And what do I have for this year?

1) Get out of debt - (piece of cake!)
2) Drive on the Autobahn in a Porsche.
3) Max APFT.
a) this will require me to work out regularly. I hear Bondsteel has some good gyms available.
4) Upkeep webspace from Kosovo
5) Learn how to edit videos.
6) See Prague, Budapest, Norschwanstein, etc. . .
7) Don't get Shot.
8) Make a decision on what I want to do when I come home.

Hmm, simple, let's see how I do? (of course, Resolutions are always up to change)

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