Fandom Down Under

Ok, one of the many humorous things that came about from my brief run in with fame was the following that came with it. (along with a couple dozen marriage purposals, found hundreds of links such as that)

I got an email a while back from Silent Running (a New Zealand Blog) asking if I could be their patron goddess. I laughed at the time, but didn't return their email until recently, due to lack of time. Apparently I created a stir with the New Zealand Crowd by agreeing.

Question, do these T-shirts you want me to pose in go with camouflage pants and combat boots? Because that's about all I'll be able to wear with them.
But good news, I'll have a perpetual M16 in my hand so I can pose with that as well!

PS - Julie, I think you are acquiring a following as well.

UPDATE - Now you can buy a shirt claiming to be my minion through Silent Running (who turns out, is not limited to the realm down under or so they informed me)

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