In my family, there is a tradition that as a child I didn't think to much about. I just thought everybody did it, much like I thought most families were like mine and most people thought the way I did back then.

We celebrate the New Year's Baby, where we leave our shoe by the door on New Year's Eve and the next day it is filled with all sorts of goodies.

Strangely, though my grandfather who started it in our family is Swedish, the tradition is actually Greek (though the Greeks leave their shoes by the fireplace, and it is St Basil who brings the goods at midnight). However, the New Year's Baby originates from Greece as well so it all fits. I celebrate a Greek Tradition and I don't have an ounce of Greek Blood in my veins.

My mom (who's birthday happens to by New Year's Eve), had trouble finding a shoe to put my loot in. So she used a combat boot this year. Very fitting :P

Since Serbia is close to Greece, maybe I'll still be able to celebrate next year as well?

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