Pictures from Kosovo

Ok, to those of you who didn't think I was serious about the Bill Clinton Worship in Pristina (which got bombed to hell in 1999).

He's also got a street named after him. Case in point.

Anyway, along with other pictures of Kosovo is the real estate around here is interesting. Granted it is winter, but there is a lot of buildings around here that have the potential to be really nice, if they would finish them. Hmm. . .

And the propping up of the floors with sticks is particularly amusing.

And these people aren't very rich, their houses are usually missing windows, but at least they have their MTV. Sattelite Everywhere.

Aside from Kosovo, I flew in here on a C130 for the first time, got a picture with my helmet looking all ate the hell up.

My weapon is my battle buddy. It is with me 24-7. I think I might get sick of it after a while, but to tell you the honest truth, as long as I am required to have it on my person all of the time, Uncle Sam pays me another 250 a month and waives my income tax so I think I can live with that.

In other news, though I saw Team America World Police about three months ago, it is just coming to the theaters here. The team we are replacing saw it not to long ago and have been quoting it mercilessly. Unfortunately, I have fallen suit. Damn them.

Movies are free here, though they are usually about three to six months old in the theaters. This will make things difficult in regards to star wars (curses).

Luckily, there is a 'cd/dvd' shop outside KFOR Main that sells Cds and DVDs for dirt cheap. The thing about them is they are generally still theaters. Yes, that's right, they are all pirated. I picked up the Incredibles and Meet the Fockers for a paltry 6 Euro. I just had to pick up a pirated movie just to say I have one. But don't worry Disney, I will indeed buy a Real version of the Incredibles when it comes out. I still haven't seen Meet the Fockers, so I can't say the same thing about it. (but I liked Meet the Parents soo. . .)

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