Entertaining Oneself

I was coming back from chow for the evening when I was approached by my NCOIC (sergeant in charge for you none military folk) who asked me about guard duty. As in, would I mind pulling it on Monday from nine in the morning to nine at night. That didn't sound so bad, as long as I could get on post on Tuesday so I could mail a few things home.

As I did laundry this evening, I was further informed of another problem, in how SSG D says it, "do you want the good news or the bad news?"

I basically got an hour and a half notice that I was pulling an all nighter shift tonight from nine at night to nine in the morning guarding weapons.

Fortunately, they provide us with internet access, and we can bring our own computers with us and watch movies, or what not.

I can keep myself entertained on the computer for hours, however usually at home my entire sleep schedule is out of whack. Well, if I think I'm back in the states, its only 7:30. But in Europe, its 4:30 in the morning. Which consists of me staring blood shot thinking "only four and a half more hours. . ." I've been on a nice little sleep schedule of waking up before seven on most days.

I can think, I'll be sleeping in tomorrow. I've got all day to sleep in tomorrow. Just think, I'll be on Pacific Standard Time again (if only for the day).

But I'm getting a serious attack from the z monster. So what does one do with situations such as these?

Hop online and get a Sponser membership to Red Vs Blue and plan on watching those for the rest of the morning. They even have the copies from the BNL tour last summer, back before I knew they existed and I couldn't tell what was on the screen due to the massive whitewash by the usually non-existent Auburn sun!

I also watched Napoleon Dynamite again (AWESOME!) and enjoyed it's nerdy goodness, and relished in the fact that I am in deed, a nerd. I guess I could put it back on and watch the wedding scene over again.

Then there is of course, Livejournal Memes. My friends get me started on these, I thought I would expand on them. Most specifically, this one. Feel free to post anonymously in reply.

And of course, surfing through my pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. Not only that, but I'm on a computer with a USB port! That means, downloading pictures!

Now I have a bunch of movies I picked up for fairly cheap (or at least tax free) that I could pop in to entertain myself. But I guess I'd rather post to my blog delusional comments made in an exhausted state that I'm bound to regret later.

Actually, I think I'll stick to Red Vs Blue.

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