Explaining 'Risawn'

I have often been asked where I came up with the name 'Risawn' and what it means. In fact, the question was posed this evening, and I gave the short version. (then the phone cut out, curse cell phones, though I don't know what I'm going to do without it for the next year, but I shall hold onto it until the bitter end!) This is the slight background to my moniker. In case you were wondering.

I discovered that I actually like to write (though at the time I wasn't very good at it, but you are never good at anything you start) in my senior year in high school and started to write a rather lengthy story in the process.

Being that my story was in a fantasy type setting, I tried to make the names as unusual as possible. I didn't want a bunch of characters named Bob and Fred running around.

About halfway through the story, I created the character 'Risawn', a character which isn't like me much at all. The name came about by putting a bunch of random letters together to get something phonetic out of the mix and the name 'Risawn' was born. As soon as I created it, I really kind of liked it.

Fast forward about June, right after I graduated. Believe it or not, I had never really played around on the internet before this. But alas, I discovered the internet and started dinking around on it. Then I discovered Email, and decided to make an email address. I thought about this character I had created and thought 'what the heck, I'll use that as my Alias' and tried it. It took.

It has proven to be fail safe, nobody else on the internet goes by Risawn. So the name became my internet alias (I don't use it in real life at all), and for the last five years, I've used it on just about everything I need to make an account for. I even got it as my domain name. If you see anybody or anything on the internet going by Risawn, it's probably me, or somebody posing as me.

So then, what does Risawn mean? Absolutely nothing. Just a name, a nonsensical word posed with a bunch of random letters, thought it sounded cool.

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