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The last few days have been pretty eventful, however most of it appears to be more along the lines of Dogtags Material.

Meanwhile, I miss my hair. It looks really good and everything when I take time to do it, however being in the military, I am forced to stick a hat on my head every time I go out doors. Which in turn produces hat head. Hat head has turned into a problem indoors at first, however fortunately I have managed to get rid of my part.

I have a feeling my part will be back.

It was actually kind of funny at first. There were a lot of people who stared at me when I first showed back up from Leave and asking what I had done to my hair. Some people even told me it looked really good. Others didn't really wish to say anything. Meanwhile, I acquired another nickname, GI Jane. I made a note that Demi Moore did indeed Shave her head for that movie, whereas I still have hair.

In other news, my sister had done something that lead to a pleasant biproduct. See, she took all of these old photographs and scanned them and downloaded them into a program with the intention of making a DVD set to music. All of these pictures ended up getting downloaded onto my laptop because I have a DVD burner on it.

The DVD was unsuccessful, but now I have a large amount of pictures on my laptop. I set my Screenserver to play these pictures and now I have pictures from home to keep me company while I'm away. And because they play completely at random, new pictures show up every time.

I'll be in Germany by next week. That happened a lot sooner then expected. And apparently, it will be VERY cold there.

Also, I'm staying in the same general area now that My dad did when he went through basic training back in 1968 (he was drafted). He brought me back from Leave and for the first time in 36 years, saw North Fort Lewis. It was kind of fun to watch him remember basic training and talk about what he did as he tried to orient himself. My favorite story arose from the old shoppette set up on stilts. One time he was caught smiling by a drill sergeant and the said drill sergeant made him do pushups under the PX. I promised him I would get pictures. Apparently there is talk that they'll be tearing these old buildings down in the next couple of years, so they might not be here when I demobilize.

Heck, I better get pictures for myself as well.

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