World and States

Now to the important stuff.

Yes, I am in deed, in Germany. Not a whole lot to say about it as of yet, because I'm stuck on a military installation at the moment. We flew over here on Monday, stopped in Maine and Iceland for a short time to refuel, lost nine hours due to the time change (which truly does suck), and got bussed to a little place called Hohenfells which is not as bad as I thought it would be (people kept mentioning how much it snows and how cold it gets here, and it really hasn't been much different then Washington so far).

I used to have a map on my computer showing all of the states and countries i've been. I need to dig that out again and use it. Hmm. . .

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That is my current State Map. Some of those states are airport only states. But I'll count them anyway.

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or vertaling Duits Nederlands

And this is my current country map. Not much will be going on in the states for now. The world map will be updated regularly. This should be fun.

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