Hair today, Gone Tomorrow

Leaving back for Fort Lewis Today, however I needed to get one final thing taken care of before I left.

It's called my Hair. It is incompatable with the United States Military and has been a Bane of my existence for as long as I can remember wearing a uniform. Being a blonde, my hair is really fine and wispy. In other words, it doesn't like to stay put unless I cake a nice glob of Super Duper Extra Sports Gel in it to hold it in place.

And sometiems that still doesn't work.

Case in point, the following photograph. It's pokin' out. That is a no go.

So I went over to my sister's house and asked her to give me a haircut. As in, Chop it ALL off. So she did. I decided to do a PhotoBlog of my trials in getting my hair whacked.

I had to start with a picture of me before.

Well, if anything, at this point it needs a serious trim, and my roots are beginning to show.

So Chop CHOP! It came off!

There's the uneven look, but that's a bit faddish for army standards. Hmm, still we can play pranks with the leftover hair.

Ok, my goal was to get it short, while still maintaining a slightly feminine look. See, women have kind of an unfair rap in the military. The stereotype is that all women in the military are, and pardon my language, Whores and Dykes. I am neither, though I've been mistaken for both. HOwever, I didn't want my hair style causing people to question my sexuality, but make it short enough so that I could not worry about it for the next few months, besides a trim here and there to keep it within regs.

And so, it continued to come off. Strange, that is my natural hair color, I haven't seen it that color in, well, a long time. My intention was to keep it that color so I wouldn't worry about it. However, after trimming it up, I decided it wasn't short enough.

I look like a boy. More came off, and I wanted to try something where I could spike it up a bit.

The Lesbian jokes were flying, let me assure you. I didn't care, in fact, I was expecting them. My family is kind of like that. Anyway, my sister insisted I should do something about the coloring and put in some highlights, or something. Anything. I tried to withstand her due to the fact that 99.9% of the time my hair will be under some type of a cover (unless I'm indoors, and then I'll have hat head) but eventually I caved in.

That could be used as an incriminating photo if I don't watch it.

How it turned out? Um, the following. My family insists that it fits my personality and they like it. I like it too, but I think it will be a while before I can fully accept the fact that I chopped all of my hair off.

So this is the final look. My sister, who has been very successful at Ebay (with a lot of help from me, *snicker*) let me model some of her clothes with my new haircut. That was great fun.

She has a way of making people look really good. I just hope I can duplicate the style on my off days.

Click to View the Ebay Page!

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