Before and After

I got a letter from a seventh grader and I finally got around to returning it. But in the meantime, I realized I should probably give her a picture of myself so she can put a face to my name and words. So I dug through my archives and took various pictures of myself to give her an idea of my surroundings.

Then I realized how different I look now then I did when I first deployed. And how short my hair is. And how much wearing nothing but camouflage effects my appearance.

Well, I found a few pictures, including my official military picture taken here at Bondsteel and sent those, and then realized, well, maybe I should send one of me before I got deployed as well as ones of me now.

Well, this is one I particularly liked where I don't look like I'm out to kill somebody, because this is a seventh grade girl who describes herself as a shopaholic who's favorite color is pink. I wanted to find a picture to connect with her, and I didn't think Not Sorry was appropriate.

And then, I had to offer proof that once upon a time I was in fact a bonafide woman. At one time at least.

This picture was taken the week before I deployed. Back when I had long hair. Back when I was getting hit on like crazy, and yes, during the time when I was enduring swarms of emails.

Actually, I'll take that back. I'm still getting hit on. The male female ratio is after all something like 10:1, or perhaps even greater considering the fact that some female soldiers don't swing that way, and the fact that I'm young, and doubly single.

Now I look like a deployed soldier, with a hair cut that offers a different style every freakin' day whether I want a new style or not (and of course, the occaisional slept on a wet head next morning hair do, which have proven to be quite entertaining.)

Oh well, my goal is to grow my hair back to a length where I can pull it back. Into what I don't care, just so long as it pulls back.

But meanwhile, well, I've got about 40 emails in my inbox and 10 letters to return. Can I actually return these by the end of this week?

We hope so.

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