iPod Continued. . .

Well, apparently ever since I posted that my iPod was going to be taken back, Fuji seems to have felt the threat and has been cooperating quite nicely lately. I'll give it until Sunday and if it does this again, sorry little iPod, but its back in the box and into the store for you. And I will pick up one of your identical twin brothers and hope it behaves better.

If that one doesn't, I'll give up on the iPod. But I really do enjoy it so far. When it doesn't pause in the middle of a song.

Meanwhile, Greece trip classes are now completed. I was hoping to get in on the class taking place at the end of May, but the Sofia Bulgaria leave trips are now in operation starting next week. I will be taking one of those MidMay, which will set me up for Greece some time in August. I was planning on doing it in the other order, but this works out nicely.

And day 2 of the Kajekenbo class. We have a few people in the class with us, one a brown belt in Judo, several of them obviously experienced with some form of martial art, and they are all impressed with the laout of the course. I'm weak on my stance and my punches, but I was told that I have a very good toe kick. I thinking kicking will likely be my strength. Whatever the case, I have decided to continue this for sure after I'm done deploying.

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