Lack of Post Leads to Lack of Sympathy

Soo. . . I was talking on the phone with my family a few days back and my brother made an observation that I don't update my blog as much anymore. That updates are becoming fewer and fewer.

Well, I tried to update yesterday and the Blogger Server couldn't be found. So I didn't. But I assessed my situation and wondered out loud to myself, "why is it that I don't post as often to my blog anymore?"

So I thought about this and what had often influenced my blog before and realized that, well, here I've been talking a lot about what's going on in my life here in Kosovo, and how I write, with my frank and honest depictions (including at times a certain lack of tact) that I would more then once get called into the Commander's Office and told to watch what I say.

And, well, right now, Kosovo hasn't proven to be particularly exciting. Especially this last week or so, we went and inspected some places yesterday, whoop-de-freakin-do. That, and if I inspect some place and something is wrong, I can't really talk about what's wrong with the place. Inspections are one of my more visible job functions, but it basically boils down to me going around and inspecting various places to make sure they meet the sanitation standards of Army Regulation 40-5.

Needless to say, the job lacks glamour and drama. I'm not dissing it by any means, because it is an important job, but its just not something I wish to talk about on my blog.

I mean, how exciting can you make "today I inspected the Northtown Gym. It was clean, no grub or dirt I could find. Then I moved up to the Thai Massage place and surprised them with my early showing. Inspection went well. I did have some questions on the disenfectant."

I think I would put myself to sleep. Anyway, job done, next up is a power point presentation on heat injuries and preventing them, because the army has a love affair with Powerpoint.

Anyway, so my life is not filled with drama, I'm not shooting at anybody, my job, though important, lacks the luster to talk about on a daily basis, so that means what's going on in the rest of the world?

Yeah, every so often, I would write my take on current events in the rest of the world. The thing is, I've got three sources of news here. Military Newspapers (which consist of the Army Times and Stars and Stripes), The Television (brought to me by the Armed Forces Network and they're chosen news stations), and the internet.

I read the Military newspapers mostly for news on the military, because that's its primary focus. AFN I tend to avoid and only watch during meals, because from what I can tell they seem to be talking about the same thing over and over again, and the internet, well, my internet is still limited. I check my email, look at a few pages, and then get to work.

And quite frankly, nothing in current events seems to strike my interest that much. Sure, there's the Michael Jackson trial, but that is getting more exposure then it needs already. There's the Terry Schiavo case, which I had mixed feelings on and quite frankly, felt that it was blown out of proportion as well by BOTH sides. And thankfully, the Pope died to take the news off of that mess. Which brought us to the Pope. I'm not Catholic, so I don't have that effecting me as it is so many other people. But come on people, he was old, he led a very rich and full life, and he's now some place better. So as you can see, my interests are rather mum on the issue. He was a good man, a very visible leader, and he died like millions of people do every day. I hold no sympathies, because of the fact that he died of natural causes after leading a very long and rewarding life. Now I'm getting plagued with the question "who will the new pope be?" as that is all the news has a desire to talk about. Well, either that or reverting back to the Jackson case.

Um, yeah, ok. But, well, who will be the new pope has little effect on me, however. I just find it ironic how people want the catholic church to pick somebody who goes against catholic teachings in an attempt to modernize the church. But they *gasp* picked a conservative! How could they?

Well, there, now THAT'S something I could talk about. The leftist take on religion and the 'modernization' of. Oooh. . . I'm rubbing my hands together in anticipation.

I guess that leaves the last thing I can talk about. My thoughts on issues. Whether current or not, just my rambling thoughts on political issues.

Well, I guess I could talk about extracurricular activities. Yeah, that's another source of posting pleasure. And of course, there's my unwritten motto 'alienating the world, one person at a time'.

I'll just say I'm working on the posting issue so that there is actually something to read when you come to my blog.

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