Yeah, still posting. . .

. . . but it shouldn't surpise anybody that I have chronic Foot in Mouth Disease.

My latest thing, Hot Tamales. Especially fresh ones. I've been swiping them rather liberally from my NCOIC.

But then again, I've been sharing all the junk food I get in my care packages with my fellow unit members so he doesn't appear to be minding.

Second leg of the Greece Trip Class thing done. Two more to go and I'm qualified to visit the ruins of Philippi Greece.

Meanwhile, I've been getting quite a few Any Soldier Letters and been passing them around quite a bit, as well as opening one or two of them myself. I got one from a Seventh Grader I have to return (but I'll have to inform her that I'm actually not in Iraq *sighs*) though I think it will be a lot of fun to write that letter.

So my task tomorrow, which is my 'day off' (in quotations because I will probably still work, so its more likely to be a working day off) is to catch up on every letter I need to return. And then I'm going to play some DDR. And take pictures of me looking like an idiot playing it. . .

Our unit does a quote of the day for all interested. Today I got to chose it. I chose a Herm Albright quote, and its one to live by.

"A positive attitude may not solve all of your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort!"

Once upon a time, I did a quote at the end of every blog post. I quickly learned that as fun as it was, it was also a pain in the neck!

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