The Rhetoric of being a Badass

I think there is something about somebody saying that I always posed with a weapon lacking a magazine, and so I made up for it.

We went to Letnica yesterday on a MEDCAP, providing medical support for the community sponsored by Task Force Tornado, which is a Combat Arms unit. I was all over this one. One of the SGTs had an M203 in his possession and I asked to pose with it.

Then they brought to my attention what they referred to as 'Bazooka Joe', which happens to be a M249 SAW.

Another Kodak moment.

But you know what's really badass? Carrying 3 weapons at once!

However, I feel that if I tried to actually fire these things at once, I probably would be bowled over like everyone thinks I would with the 203. Also, I probably wouldn't be able to hit jack.

My NCOIC wasn't impressed. And he posed a bit of rhetoric my way, asking me why I got a thrill posing with items that were meant for Death. Really, your talking about three pieces of equipment designed to kill other people. And I take them in my hand and say "snap a picture of me toting this badass piece of equipment."

Um, doesn't that ring the whole point of being a soldier to mind? Not everyone gets to pose with instruments of death at this scale. It is bloody COOL! That's why!

The supreme power of Peace through Superior Fire Power. People aren't going to mess with you if you strike an imposing image with an item designed to kill.

Though granted, I think the picture of me with the 203 and 249 and a 16 slung on my back would have more people laughing at the thought of me actually trying to fire those things simutaniously then striking fear into the hearts of enemies everywhere.

And I still stand by my statement. I love instruments of death, and I love posing with them. Even if they are designed to kill, because that's sort of the point.

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