No Particular Exciting Title

I think I should look up the history of April 1st and why it was chosen to be known as all Fool's day. Maybe its the fact that the weather will tempt you with all this beautiful March "in like a lion, out like a lamb" Springiness and then on April First it goes "Gotcha!" and the weather turns to near freezing.

Well, at least it was pretty this morning.

Anyway, I have no joke today. Usually I do something mischievious, and I had something planned but it didn't work. *sigh* Maybe next year.

Meanwhile, I updated some pictures in Dogtags.

I took a few pictures of the outlying areas via HUMM-V, so not all of them came out. The ones that didn't I didn't post. I also got some good pictures of some vehicles, I think those will wait until tomorrow. But I was particularly pleased with this one.

I haven't seen one person ride a horse since I've been here. They are all cart horses used to pull these log things that I think they use to prop up the cement when they build houses. Becuase there are no wooden houses here.

Meanwhile, I did a double whammy yesterday, the computer I was trying to post from was having technical difficulties and suddenly it posted twice and I didn't realize it. And I can't edit it until I get to a computer that allows me to read comments. I don't want to delete the one post that has all the comments and leave the other one barren.

In other news, I woke up looking like a rooster yesterday. Proof attached in a particularly hidious looking photograph.

I wonder what kind of grief I will recieve for posting that online.

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