Subjected to Mass Punishment

I didn't see Elektra last night, I couldn't find my movie date, I think he stood me up, or he just forgot.

Well, the head of our enlisted Department, SSG D, saw Hide And Seek instead.

You know that there might be a problem if the typo in the schedule declares that the movie is called Hide and Sick. He came in this morning ranting and raving about how bloody awful this movie was until he was red in the face. It got so bad to the point that the commander officially ordered him not to talk about the movie anymore.

Fast forward to this afternoon, myself and two other soldiers were discussing about the policy that was reiterated this afternoon that we are not to go shopping, eat, or drink coffee on the local economy until further notice. To emphasize this, we were shown a picture of three soldiers sitting down at a cafe drinking coffee. Those soldiers were in our task force, and two of them were giving the brief (which was part of their punishment). Dang, I wish I knew I could have gotten away with it before now and claimed ignorance, because I didn't think we were supposed to stop and shop, eat, or have coffee.

In afterthought, in the office, I'm trying to get the ok to leave when we start discussing the briefing and various parts of the task force and how SSG D felt he was disrespected by a member of one of the other sections (as a side note). When the good Captain asked SPC D if she would ever treat any senior NCO with such disrespect, the wise cracking started, at the expense of the good sergeant. In good harmless fun mind you.

As punishment? SSG D kindly asked the captain to leave the room, and we were subjected to a full ten minute rant about how truly awful Hide and Seek really was.

Can I just have the push ups next time please?

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