Girls In Jr. High, Horses, and Art. . .

You know those girls in Jr High who loved and worshipped horses and talked nothing about horses and doodled nothing but horses on the cover of their notebooks and everything was horses horses horses?

I was one of those girls. *sighs*

Anyway, in my lifetime, i got good at drawing horses because, well, in Jr High I loved them and drew them. A lot. In fact, now that I think about it, that's basically all I ever drew. Well, amongst other animals.

I outgrew the trend about 8th grade, when the obsessions started to die down a bit because people started to think I was weird. They were probably right.

So anyway, getting back to the whole insomnia bit (yeah, can't sleep), and the 'can't draw jack squat' bit, I decided to just sit down and draw the first thing that came to mind. For me it was easy.

I drew a horse.

I'm happy to note that it does in deed look like a horse, and is even semi realistic. I also sat down and started working on my comic, drawing different panels and so on and so forth, and discovered that I can draw my little cartoon guys.

But my cartoon guys are taking away from my real art. I've got so used to drawing them that I can't draw the way I used to any more. Though I shouldn't get to hard on myself, as before I turned 20, I refused to draw people and they all looked weird regardless. I didn't really learn to draw people until I took figure drawing and started drawing them in the nude. Now I can only draw them nude, I'm not very good with clothes.

Oh well, I'm working on the drawing from life for real. I vow to get some decent pictures in. When I'm done drawing them, I'll scan and post accordingly.

Heck, I'll post the aliens I was drawing too. . . you might get a laugh out of those.

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