Sorry Everybody, Five Months Later. . .

The "Sorry Everybody that we're Pathetic Losers that can't Grasp the Concept that Kerry was just an awful Candidate and obviously not a good replacement for the current commander in chief and we have nothing better to do then to take pictures of ourselves and lament about it online to the glee of fellow losers like ourselves!" Crowd apparently has a book.

The fact that I'm just now hearing about it (because I stumbled by accident back onto the website) must say something about its clout. Becuase I ceased to view that site about the time when I realized that they were completely irrelevant.

How I feel about these people can quickly be summed up here.

Note: I don't hate Kerry Voters, just Kerry Voters who think that it is their duty to belittle anybody that thinks differently then themselves, and then expose the hypocricy of them calling themselves 'liberals' and touting 'Diversity'.

Diversity is a difference of ideas as much as it is a difference of cultures, you bunch of bigots! A lot of liberal's idea of diversity is a faculty composed of every different ethnic group, but all sprouting leftist ideaology. Umm, that's not diversity. That's a Democratic National Convention.

Besides, I have to hand it to this little website for giving me the exposure that it did! Because I wouldn't have posted me toting my badass M203 and posted it online as a rebuttal if I hadn't seen this.

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