Play Ball!

I've decided to get back into Sports. I haven't played sports since I was in High School, but I think they are a great way to get in shape and it's an excuse to associate with fellow human beings, on a competitive scale.

They have a 4 on 4 volleyball tournement coming up in a couple of weeks and I volunteered for that, seeing as I love Volleyball and played it through Freshman year. I even have knee pads, though I got them for something else. However something tells me this is going to be sand volleyball, they've got two sandpit volleyball courts outside the MWR building but whatever the case, it sounds like its going to be fun.

The Task Force is also setting up a Softball Team, and the Top is constantly asking me to throw a Softball around with her. Something always comes up. I haven't played Softball for a while, I played a little in Jr High and Freshman year but I was never that good. Still, I had fun while I did it and that's the whole point, right? I even went so far to invest in a nice Softball Mitt and some batting gloves, because I could and they were sitting there calling my name.

And of course, Soccer with Tornado. I played for the first time yesterday, we basically just kicked a ball around practicing, a lot of these Tornado guys really know how to play and I'm the token female because it's supposedly 'co-ed', and Tornado is a Combat Arms unit made up entirely of men, and so they needed to recruit some women.

When I have nothing else going on, I ride a Bike around post. Due to a previous question, it's a Kent Trail Blazer, a shiney Blue Color. Nothing fancy, in fact, it takes more work then it should to get up a hill, but that's ok, because that just means more PT for me.

You know, all of these plans are digging into my Returning Emails Quest and Book Reading time. And I still haven't finished Halo 2. *sighs* Oh well, Physical Endurance Building or sitting like a slug in my room playing video games/reading a large stack of books.

Choices choices.

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