Q&A Part 2

Ok, the insane task I set myself up with was allowing people to ask me a variety of questions posted in my comment section of my blog, and see how creative they would get in asking me questions, and in turn, see how creative I could get in responding. I've enjoyed doing things like this in the past, but before I always did it with a slight twist. Once, for my comic, I had my readers ask my characters questions that I would answer as they would.

It turned out to be viciously funny at times! But, um, this is when I get to answer as me. So I don't get to be as creative. Unless I dug out those multiple personalities! Yeah, that might work!

Darth Monkeybone
Which Star Wars movie is your favorite?

Ewoks, Battle of Endor. But that was when I was four. I didn't know any better at the time because I didn't watch Star Wars all the way through until the seventh grade.

I think the second one has some sentimentality to me (Empire Strikes Back, not Attack of the Clones,, which I only saw the one time in the theater) for some reason because it is the true tortured character mythos going on there.

And Mark Hamil can really contort his face when he screams "NNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

If given the chance, would you pimpslap George Lucas for Jar-Jar Binks?
There really is worse travesties in this world. For instance, can I pimpslap him for Howard the Duck instead?

R Conte
How heavy is the M16?

Roughly Seven and a Half Pounds. It feels a lot heavier when you're involved with Weapons PT.

What should the maximum weight be of a replacement for the M16?
About the same. I think they should focus on making a weapon that doesn't jam as much before they concern themselves over trying to make it lighter.

What do you think about women in the military?
I'm a woman in the military. That said, I have run into some fine women soldiers and I've run into some females that needed to be slapped around or just kicked out. There is definitely a place in the military for women who want to serve and there are plenty of fine soldiers that can do the job as well if not better then any man.

Women in combat arms, now that's another story. As the military progresses, I foresee that eventually units that are designed to engage the enemy will eventually open up to women, but I don't feel that now is the time. As war changes, this will change as well. There is an issue with the combat issue in regards to women. I hate to say it, but its called "SEX". People are horny, and people under stress are horny. The battle field is not the place for hanky panky, and I know better then to say that soldiers are more mature then that for that to happen. That's a load of Bull. There's nobody hornier then the young private fresh out of basic. I know. I've met him (and her) many times.

In a perfect world, it wouldn't be an issue. This isn't a perfect world.

Army NCO Guy
What is the meaning of life?


No, but really. If you want me to get philosophical, I can simply tell you that I believe that life is really a test to see what we're made of. We are given various trials during the course of our existence and it is through the series of our choices and how we deal with the consequences that ultimately determine what happens to us on the other side.

I could go into further detail, but you did see the number of questions posed at me from the comment box, did you not?

David Farrar
What three books you would take onto a desert island with you?

Truthfully, I wouldn't want to be on a desert island so why would I take three books on that island with me? How long would I be on an island? No matter what three books I take, eventually I would get sick of them to the point that I would toss them into the water screaming "I hate you! I'm Sick of Reading the same blasted pages day after day after day! Why did I ever agree to come on this stupid Desert Island with three books anyway? What the bloody hell was I thinking?"

So I guess, that being said, I would probably not take novels. Hmm, maybe a dictionary, so I could learn new words that I would promptly forget thirty minutes later, and then maybe a book on how to make boats and sail them to safety using items found on desert islands (a loan palm tree appears to be common) and probably the sentimental answer such as the Holy Scriptures, so I can work on my lagging spirituality because I bet I would be getting pretty close to God during that time. Because I would likely have nobody else to talk to, considering the nature of these 'Desert Island' questions.

What countries you would most like to visit?

This is a good one. Lately I've been overcome with the traveling bug, and I really want to see the world. This summer I'm heading to Germany and hitting the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Italy and Switzerland (I might have to tone a couple of those down, I'm still planning this trip) and I really would like to see some of the ancient world, like Egypt, Isreal, China, India, and so on and so forth.

I'm thinking of swinging down south for some prime snowboarding in New Zealand and also make Australia. My sister was in Melbourne Australia area for a year and a half and she still has connections. That, and I've got minions down there.

Your preferred Democratic and Republican nominees for 2008?
If we could get a good solid Republican Nominee, I would love to see them spank Hilary's ass. In fact, I would love to see a good solid Democrat spank Hilary's ass in the primaries. (Good and Solid being used not in the terms of their politics being Republicans or Democrats, but them being a Good Solid Politician that agrees with my tastes)

That being said, for a Democrat, Joe Lieberman, but that's in my dreams. For a Republican, Rudy Giuliani's good, though he's a bit socially liberal for my tastes. I like John McCain too, he's a good moderate and he'd probably help with the stark division between the parties. But he's probably getting a bit old for the presidency, and he's done some things in the past that made me go "huh???"

To tell you the honest truth, I haven't thought to much about 2008. Most of the Democrats likely to be on the ticket I really don't like (gag!) and the Republicans all seem either moderate (which isn't necessarily a bad thing) or I don't know who they are. I'll likely look more into it as that time approaches.

Honestly, my ideal president would probably come from neither party, but my ideal president probably wouldn't run for president either. And I have no idea who my ideal president would be.

What's your opinion on those wearing hearing aids in active duty?

It depends on their job. If they can do their job just as well with a hearing aid as those that don't require them, then they're fine. Its a problem when communication is a big part of your job.

Do you see it alot? I'm getting waivered at MEPS for the reserve and they are telling me that its rare. But being that I have TDY'd at the Pentagon, Fort Meade, and now here in Portland. I see it very often.

I just did the Hearing Conservation Class and I actually haven't done a lot of work with the soldiers. That, and we're all National Guard/Reservists here. Some of the NG soldiers are older and require a little extra help with that hearing loss. In a couple of weeks, I'll get to be the one helping them out. Yay for me.

Are there anyone you know E or O rating that is weating a hearing aid?

I will show my ignorance now. I don't know what an E or O rating is. I think they use different terminolgoy in the class they just gave me.

Do You perfer the M16 to the M240 SAW?

What's an M240 SAW? I've never heard of one of those. Now the M249 is a blast. I got to fire one of those at the SIM Center and had a merry ol' time.

So in a question of which one I would rather fire, the M249 definitely. Especially at the SIM Center. You just mow those puppies down.

Which weapon I would rather be assigned to for carrying around on a day to day basis? I think I'll stick to my light and trusty M16.

Your Favorite Color?

Black. Oh wait, that's not a color. Um, Blue then. Or Green. I also like neutrals, such as browns and greys. I don't like pastels, and I hate pink. Though being a blonde I do look good wearing it. But then again, I think I look good in Black too. I love Yellow too, though I don't wear it because it makes me look dead.

I answered that question like a girl.

Boxers or briefs?

Boxers. Definitely. Guys in boxers are sexy. Take note.

Ok, now for a couple of not so mundane questions...

Which character in RA Heinlein's book The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress do you most identify with and why?

Hmm, I say Mike, because . . .
A) Mike is a Computer and I like computers
B) Mike is described as having a Puckish sense of humor, bringing a parrelel to Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream, where Puck is my favorite character (and I was the one who got to play him in a lively rendition within my Sophomore English Class)
C) Mike is the only character I can find anything on in regards to a book I've never read. And I already like him.

Same questions for the RAH book The Glory Road.

Hmm, a book about dragons. *drools* I like Oscar already. He sounds like a character I would write about.

Both books are now on their way via Amazon. I'll give you a more detailed synopsis when I'm done.

m16a1a2 aka Talkie Toaster
Okay, here goes:
Seeing as that God is Infinite...
And the Universe is also Infinite..
Would you like some toast?

Yes please.
How about a Muffin?
Do you have Blue berry?
Er, I'll pass, thanks

What from home do you miss most?

Sidewalks. And halfway Sane Drivers. Not that there were many of the latter where I came from.

Have you ever listened to a record album and if so, how would you compare the sound to that from a CD?
My brother in law has about 5000 records on vinal. Yeah, I've heard a record or two. No, it's not as clear as a CD, but there is something about vinal that brings back memories.

Perhaps you've covered this a while back...

Fill in the blank: For Guard/Reserve soldiers preparing to deploy to the Balkans, make sure you __________ before activation.

Learn To Drive Defensively

Bonus question: greatest ex-President?
Hmm, I'll say Lincoln. For no particular reason.

Billy Budd
What would be three books and three Cd's would you recommend as influential to your life?

Three books, hmm. . . I guess three books that I actually wrote, because I think about them so freakin' often. Mostly in regards to "hmm, where should I take that character," or "what haven't I done to that character as of yet?" or "How can I make this thing even more freakin' complicated?"

Nobody reads my books but me. Believe me, I've had people try.

But I think the point of the question was "what three books that are published for distribution amongst people other then the author have been most influential on your life", correct? Hmm, then it gets tricky.

I guess one influential series of books is the Chronicles of Prydain, by Lloyd Alexander, which is a great fantasy series geared toward children that I first read in sixth grade that got me hooked on the fantasy genre, which influenced how I read books. Excellent series, highly recommended for young readers.

Unfit for Command, by John O'neil of the Swift Boat Veterans, was very influential in how I viewed John Kerry this last election cycle, and I never found a good rebuttal to this book, other then people telling me it's filled with lies without actually countering some facts of the books. It just rose some interesting questions for me, and made me think a lot about John Kerry and how unfit he was to be President. And not on his political ideals either, just as a person. I could see that something was being hidden on account of his time in the reserves, being a reservist myself, and that just didn't sit well with me. Yeah, call me a victim of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Propaganda Machine and I'll tell you "So Sue Me".

I could offer a few enlightening books on religious material, but religion is one area I tend to avoid on the Blog front, being a Christian of neither Catholic nor Protestant leanings. . .

As for CDs, I'm highly influenced by angry white chick music ala Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill (I made a vow last spring to see Alanis in concert last year, and lucky me, I was in Tacoma the weekend she came to Auburn with Bare Naked Ladies, now that's an interesting mix!). I'm also heavily influenced by Erasure's The Innocents, which is one of my all time favorite CDs of freakin all time, when I'm on a road trip and I want to keep myself awake or just need to get in a freak out mood, I pop either of the above two CDs in the CD player and scream at the top of my lungs with the songs (pity anybody who is in the car with me, as I can't hold a note to save my life, hence why I said Scream instead of Sing). Erasure also brings back those glorious days of the 80's where I would wake up and get ready for school while my high school aged brother and sister would be blasting Erasure, the Smiths, OMD and Depeche Mode in the bathroom. Great memories. Another good CD is John Denver's greatest hits, because that too brings back memories as I grew up from infant hood to John Denver and he was in Concert the year we moved to Washington and we didn't see him! GAAAAHHH!!! WHAT WERE WE THINKING!!! PRIME OPPORTUNITY MISSED AND WE SHALL NEVER MAKE UP FOR IT AGAIN!!!

John Denver's the BOMB man! The BOMB!

Runners up are anything by Linkin Park, Bare Naked Ladies, Matchbox 20, and They Might Be Giants (which when I first heard these guys, it didn't sink in at the time how utterly brilliant they were).

Yeah, nothing earth shattering, except for the realization that my musical tastes aren't exactly inline with my political affiliation.

Ones that made you go hmmmmmmm?

Gary Jule's rendition of "Mad World" is a great song, better then the original Tears for Fears version. I saw him in concert last year. He rocked! Then there's the Bare Naked Ladie's song "Good Boy", which is one of my favorite songs by them. I used to sing it to my nephew when I was trying to calm him down when I was baby sitting him. It didn't work on account of the fact that I can't carry a note.

(I Spent far to much time thinking about this question, the problem is, I've read a lot of books that struck me so, I just can't think of them off the top of my head)

Do you regret writing "ask me any question" yet?

*laughs* Um, believe it or not, no. Now the question you should ask is "Do you think it was a good idea to ask people to "ask me any question"?

Do you remember when The Maple St Toll Bridge was 10 cents or 25 cents?

The sign above the Maple ST Bridge still says 10 cents. You can kind of see it when the light hits it just so. . .

hey T-man I can answer that for you.
we moved here in 1996. After they stopped the toll.

That's not a question directed at me. But he's right.

How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?

You know, I never made it to the creamy goodness of the tootsie roll center. I think one time I tried it but my tongue got numb.

If you were a book, what would your title be?
Not Sorry.

Well, actually, that's a good question. Any prime candidates that people can come up with?

How about "My Life as a Internet War Goddess". Quite Frankly, what's wrong with "Incoherant Ramblings and Things Better Left Unsaid"?

D. K.
Who is your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

Once upon a time, I would have said Michelangelo, but as I've been watching, I've noticed that he can be rather annoying at times. That being said, hmm, Michelangelo.

WA Tom
How can I too gain minions?

You need to be able to look angry and sexy at the same time. At least, that's how I decided i must have come up with them. Because I'm still not sure.

Guess you have to do something sorta unique to grab their attention first. Like pose with a badass looking weapon looking like your going to kick somebody's butt and then blog about it.

Mumblix Grumph
Why in the hell did the Howells bring so many clothes for a three hour tour?

Some things you just never will know. Some things are just not worth bothering to know. Case in point, anything involving Gilligan's Island.

Have you ever kissed a girl?

Yeah. my mum. Does that count?

(feverish minion fantasy, pay it no mind)
I got a question. What is it with Guys and fantasies about lesbians?

Barry N. Johnson
Why do women have a near-pathological compulsion about having to have salad dressing "on the side?"

Hey, you got me on that one. I've been here a total of nearly 2 and a half months and I've only had salad on the side once. Well, green leafy type salad that is.

Why is there air?

Because Breathing is Fun! Besides, if there was no air, we would live in a vacuum and the presure inside of us would cause us to explode because nothing would be holding us back. Come on, haven't you seen Total Recall?

Answer these questions three, 'ere the other side you see: What is your name?
Kami, but online I go by Risawn or Kalsanilasa (when I'm doing my 'geek' thing). People also tend to call me Marie, Kamiatris and Kamster. I got about a dozen nicknames. I had a blogpost about it too at one time, back before my webserver had a conniption fit.
What do you seek?
Sanity. And a better happy pill.
What is the forward airspeed of an unladden swallow?
What do you mean? What kind of Swallow? An African or a European Swallow?
(hopeless Monty Python Holy Grail Junky)

If the universe is expanding, what will happen when Michael Moore and Teddy Kennedy orbit too close to each other?
Hopefully the giant mass between the two of them would cause a temporary black hole so that they can both sink into oblivion.

Is that an African swallow or a European swallow?

You totally stole my thunder. Bad minion.

And for WA Tom: To gain minions you need an agent who is REALLY good at PR. But I don't come cheap.
Yeah, by the time I was ready to use that coupon, it had expired! Damn expiration dates.

Zendo Deb
Not that I'm complaining mind, just curious. How do you decide which posts go in which blog? (Both had pictures from your recent MEDCAP)

My Milblog is military postings only. My Main blog is about whatever the heck I feel like talking about at the time. Sometimes I feel like talking about the army. And the pictures on the Medcap were the ones with me toting around weapons, and that's always popular with the readers, seeing as that is what made this blog so popular in the first place.

Do you know the Muffin Man?

Doesn't he live on dreary lane or something? Or did I get that wrong? Should I go watch Shrek again?

Hey Kami,
Okay so I am new at this but I just wanted to say how the heck is Kosovo?

It's splendiferous! I had some minor problems at first but now everything is just peachy and I'm enjoying myself immensely. Going outside the wire is a blast.

When are you coming back to the states?
Sometime next year, around March of 2006. But not exactly certain, it could be sooner or later, they can extend if they need to.

Besides, if I gave you an exact date, then I'd have to kill you.

I'll likely take a roadtrip down there next spring to see the extended family. And of course, my connections (friends) down there as well.

I think you need to move out to Utah... Whatchya think?
I've been thinking about that. I was looking at Logan. Aunt Nora's there and I got a friend there who goes back to Kindergarten. I could go to school at Utah State.

ps what do you miss most from america?
The sidewalks, and the sane drivers (didn't I already answer this one?) Oh yeah, commercialism. The PX has a monopoly on this region, as we aren't allowed to shop off post, at least, not at the present moment. But there's always Amazon!

any particular food?
Momma's home cookin!

(Yes, Kambria is one of my many many cousins)

Dave J
Dammit, Murray asked my question already.

Then think of another one. There are plenty to ask. Like for instance. . .

"What's your favorite Brand of Shoe?" , "What's your favorite Comic Strip?" or even "What made you start a Blog?" or even "so, how did that talk in church go in the long run?" or how about "What in the hell were you thinking when you chopped off all your hair?" or "What one thing would you do different if you had your life to live over again?" or "If you had a choice to die hanging by your toenails with your eyes being pecked out by crows or sitting for eternity listening to self help tapes by fitness guru Richard Simmons in a room with not corners surrounded by neon lights and disco balls, which would you choose"?

To which I would reply "Sketchers", "Bill Waterson's Calvin and Hobbes, Gary Larson's The Far Side, Bill Armend's Foxtrot, Steve Pastis' Pearls Before Swine, in no particular order, but I am also slightly partial to Kami Erickson's Creature, Keeper of the Vortron: Dimension Gateway, the webcomic with the rediculously long title", "It turned out to be rather low key as I swiped something right off the internet and read that and then ended up adding my own two cents and blubbering like a baby at the pulpit, which is the custom of anyone giving a talk such as I did", "I was thinking of solving a problem, as my hair as always proved to be incompatible with the army, but I quickly learned that I made another problem as it wouldn't cooperate when it was short like it wouldn't when it was long and I can't wait for it to grow out again becuase I miss my trademark hair framing my face technique that I used to have when I had no bangs *sighs*", "I would have stuck with the Violin", and "Is that you, Julie?" respectfully.

WA Tom
I can always use some good PR however mostly I let my work do my talking though. I suspect for volunteer services I am just not the right gender!

This is not a forum! This is all about me I tell you! Me me me ME!

. . .

Ok, tantrum over.

Jeff the Baptist
Is the SAW as big a piece of crap as the after action reports say?

I wouldn't know. I've only fired them on the range, and the range isn't exactly a combat zone. I know I wouldn't want to be on the combat line when one jammed on me, but then again, I wouldn't want to have my 16 jam on me either.

What is the strangest habit that Kosovars think is normal?
that they think the traffic laws apply to anybody but them. Oh wait, that's universal. Hmm, I think the concept of the Kosovo Harley.

Army NCO Guy
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

I would think roughly a chord of wood, enough to pay my dad back at least. Hey dad, if I got you a woodchuck that chucks wood, would that count against my payment?

Um, that's an inside joke bytheway. I owe my parents a chord of wood.

seriously, I'm trying very hard to think of a real question...

Think Harder. . .

Sam the Blairite
I emailed you - did you get my mail?

*glances at overflowing inbox, sees that it is no longer there. Goes to folder titled 'minions' and checks. Sees it there.*

Yep! Didja get my reply? Sorry it took so bloody long!

I was the guy involved in UK politics.

Nice pictures. . . yep, I remember you!

Is your Dad OK? Have been checking his blog and he has not posted anything to it since his first posting.

As far as I know, he's still alive and kicking. Though I'm not exactly sure what prompted him to start a blog. He's really not the type. No offense dad.

Chevy Rose
Does the military furnish gun cleaning kits or do you have to buy your own? I see that as requested item on some of the Any Soldier request site.

Yeah, they do. And the one's they furnish work quite well, considering the only time we fire these things is when we do our standard weapons qualification. Now, if I were in Iraq where danger was imminent, I would probably want something a little more heavy duty, but for now, this works.

Dave I'll answer that.
I'm OK just busy and was hoping to get some assistance from a Kami's siblings. Please be patient. Nice to know someones watching.

Like dad said. I wish he would blog more too *sighs*

Is there anything that we can send you guys?

Carepackages titled "any Soldier" (because I've discovered I'm spoiled), or packages of goodies to give to kids at MEDCAPS. Check out my Milblog for more info on that.

Handwritten letters via Snail Mail is always a great thing too. We actually have it pretty easy here, they have the biggest PX in the region right here on Camp Bondsteel.

just two questions.
.45 or 9mm?

I've fired a .45 revolver, but not a pistol. Some of the old timers who were around before the army adopted the Beretta think fondly of the ol' .45 and wish that we still had it in our inventory. I'm kind of not very accurate with the 9mm myself, but being the pee-on enlisted that I am, I don't have to handle pistols in my line of work to often. It would be nice if that's what I had to carry all of the time however.

M16 or AK?
M16 seems a little more accurate, and not as much kick, but the AK is more reliable. My AK never jams. My M16 does.

Barry Johnson
Ooh, I got one! How do you pronounce your name?

Hmm, Kami's how it looks, but some people try to do the Japanese prononcuation, which sounds a whole lot like 'Commie", like Communist which isn't what I want to hear. But I prefer it like Cammie's, such as Camouflage. If you get my drift.

Oh, you meant my Alias, didn't you? Um, Audio Blogger Coming UP!

Uncle Bruce
I'm sitting here with your Dad in my office checking out your website. Jim told me about your books. I love that stuff--send me a draft! Love, your favorite uncle.

Sorry, you can't have a draft. Even if you're my favorite uncle! Er, especially if you're my favorite uncle!

Whats the first thing you desperately want to do when you get back to your All American City hometown?

Sleep. . . I know, weak answer, huh?


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