The Drama Ends

Well, the roommate situation has finally resolved itself. I am now out of the room and moved into the room next door. Once the one roommate moved out, that left me and the other roommate, where most people were bunked up to 4, it wasn't fair for there to only be 2 in the room.

So next door apparently they were having some issues, so I moved out and two of them moved in, and now we're at 3 and 3. I really like my new room a lot better, it's like a giant load has been lifted off my shoulder and now I can relax at night.

Once more, I even have something to talk about with my new roommates. We seem to get along alright, they are pretty easy going, they have a few basic rules that I'm more then content to follow because me having the same rules caused the initial problem with my roommates in the first place.

And we even enjoy the same types of things. SSG C is an original Twilight Zone Fan and so we can get together and start watching them as I slowly collect the series. She also doesn't laugh at me when I watch Ninja Turtles, because she watched them when they were a thing too.

So anyway, that chapter in my life has come to a close to a happy ending, as far as I'm concerned. I don't think there will be much more drama in that department.

Meanwhile, went to Kamenica this week and took lots of pictures on the way over there. I swear I shall post these, I got some good ones and you can really see the lay of the land once the snow melts. It really feels like I'm in another country when we head outside the wire.

Meanwhile, I got a movie night with Elektra at 2100. Can't pass up a free movie, though going through the Greece Trip classes on the Apostle Paul proved to be entertaining at best. They have a religious retreat sponsored by the chaplain where we sit and watch a 8 part series on the life of the Apostle Paul, and at the end we are eligable to go to Phillipi Greece on a retreat and see different places and museums of interest in dealing with Paul. They usually have it at the South Chapel, but they are doing something in there and they moved the class, which forced me to try and find it so I took my new Bike and rode it to the North Chapel, which is uphill and encorporates a pretty decent workout. But it wasn't at the North Chapel, it was at the South DFAC, so after going through all the trouble of trying to find it, I had to ride back down to the other part of the Camp to see the film.

Anyway, my little workout tuckered me out. I ended up crashing in my bunk soon after for a quick nap. Hopefully, I'll be awake enough for Movie Night.

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