The Current 'Goods'

Well, actually that kind of calmed down sooner then I suspected.

Ok, there is a couple of things about myself that I know very well. One is my anger. I can get angry at people, and that is not a light thing either. I have a temper. I'm usually good at subduing it, but it surfaces now and then. And when it surfaces, it ain't pretty.

I can get really mad at people. But there is a plus side to this. I don't hold grudges. I don't like to hold contempt for other people, I don't like to loathe other people. It doesn't suit myself and it is outside of my best interest. My best interest is to get along.

I'm not saying that I'm not still mad at my roommate, but if we're supposed to live together and if she isn't going to let me talk to her without raising a fit, then I need to just take the initiative to take that extra step to be civil. I mean, this is in my best interest, and it is in her best interest to return the favor. We are not that incredibly different that we can't tolerate each other's presence, are we?

So I took the first step. And we ended up helping each other out, and suddenly, I think we have taken a step forward instead of one back for once, and maybe we can come out of this whole experience being friends. Maybe we don't see eye to eye on things, and we don't handle problems the same way, but we can work on that.

Meanwhile, my collection of books has swollen quite a bit, as well as my collection of books and care packages and all sorts of goods, whether it is Beef Jerky and Girl Scout Cookies, a bunch of Ninja Turtle toys from Subway (that water gun will come in handy this summer!), or Herbal Teas. And of course, the continuous flow of Any Soldier letters. I accidentally opened one today instead of giving it out and had a kick reading it, where we thereby passed it around the section.

I did mention my readers rocked, right? Well, let me repeat, you rock.

I got a lot of letters to return!

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