Shopping for Health

Today was a beautiful day. Almost to beautiful. I almost slept in.

Ah, who am I kidding, I did sleep in. I got up in time to throw a uniform on and get to the office to meet my sergeant tapping his foot and looking at his watch.

I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping at night. Being a night owl, I am most active in the evening, at least, my brain is. All this week I've been having trouble falling asleep at night, just thinking about different things.

Last night was particularly bad. I actually got in bed about 10:30, after finally finishing Freaks and Geeks, the entire season (why oh why did they cancel this series? I don't watch TV for the very reason that anything good like this gets canceled and they leave on crap like Friends for 9 seasons) and actually fell to sleep within a few minutes.

Then around 2 in the morning, I woke up and found myself thinking for the next two hours. About a whole lot of nothing. Just thinking, about stories, perhaps what I was going to do today, what I did this week, how I should have handled something else differently, so on and so forth. I can't win.

When I finally do get back to sleep, I can't get up when I'm supposed to. Or my alarm will go off, I'll glance over at it and say, "i'm tired, I don't have to be anywhere for 2 hours' and roll back over and the Z monster takes hold once more.

I usually wake up about 15 minutes before I have to be anywhere.

Um, today was particularly bad, because I didn't have to be anywhere until 9. They let me come in at nine. And I was still late? What the heck is wrong with me? Gaaaahhhh!!!

Yeah, I've never been compatible with the military in this manner. I hate to sleep, but unfortunately my body rather loves it. Especially in the morning.

So I'm going to work on getting myself into some kind of routine. Even if I have to force myself to do it, I will do it. I actually did it for a couple of days before, getting up at 5 to work out in the morning and I was where I had to be and feeling great.

So I've decided to take part in some recreational activities. They've got a bunch of programs planned out through MWR (Morale, Welfare, Recreation) like Softball and Volleyball and I'm thinking 'count me in!' That, and the weather has vastly improved over the last few weeks. Bicycles came into the PX. I went ahead and made a purchase. I also took it for a quick ride around South Town and found myself out of shape. A bike was a good investment, I think I shall start using it on those hills. My body will thank me in a couple months. Anything to get out of the barracks and doing something.

And then I cringed when I noted that they got PS2s in. Finally. After I already bought one online and went through all that trouble. *grumbles*

Oh well, you live and learn.

And then somebody points out a typo on one of your most famous blog posts that you made 4 months earlier. ***GAAARRR!!!***

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