A Place To Rant

About five and a half years ago, when I was feeling a little down and felt the need to kind of understand the thoughts I was having and figure myself out, I did a little free association writing. I took a piece of paper and just started writing my thoughts down on it. It wasn't entirely happy, I was mainly just trying to understand what I was going through, just writing things down on paper as it came. I think a little anger and frustration went into it, and I still have that piece of paper.

After I wrote it, I looked it over and read through it, and then I scrawled on the top "incoherent ramblings". It wasn't that the words didn't make sense, but the name seemed to fit what I was trying to say. The words going on in my head were just coming to fast to write them all down on that piece of paper.

I discovered Blogging about two and a half years later, and just because I could, I started a blog. I didn't know what to call it, I didn't know what it was going to be about, but I remembered that paper I wrote and I remembered what I had called it then. And I liked the title, it struck me in a way. As I signed up through Blogger and started my blog, I mispelled the word 'Incoherent' without really realizing it at the time.

But it just seemed to fit. After somebody mentioned to me that the way I spelled it superimposed the word 'rant', to which this blog was created for, I decided to leave it.

HOwever, one problem with this blog going as public as it has is I don't know how far I can go with a rant now. If I want to put thoughts and feelings onto my blog, I don't know who will read it and who won't. Especially when the entire hospital I'm working in just discovered that I had a blog and are learning the story of how I became 'famous'.

I've lost my place to rant. It kind of makes me sad. I just realized I don't write things here like I used to. But then again, I did used to go into bursts of writing periods where I would post a lot one week and not post anything for like a month or so.

And I need a place to rant.

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