Mil-Blog Down

Well, I took both of my blogs offline briefly, and now I've been getting the go ahead to put it back up, however I'm under censorship mode. Can't say to much about my mission here or things I do, or talk about guard duty or anything like that. Details are to be vague. Chain of command is off limits.

My problem is my writing style gets me into a tendency to post things online in a personal manner. Usually I look at the irony of some situations and post about those, when I shouldn't be posting them at all.

The company commander called me into her office and didn't necessarily chew me out, but told me to censor my site a bit better. Until I find out exactly what I can and cannot post, and direct my guidelines a little better, I won't be using the Milblog for a while. The last thing I want is a JAG incident. I've already heard the horror stories involving those.

Since this site is non-specific, I'll continue to post here, but I won't be discussing army matters for now. More like day to day things and maybe talk about the region more. Basically what I've been writing about before now. I tried to make the Milblog more for military matters, but I guess I'll find out more before I continue.

That is all.

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