Accusations (in prime Rant form)

I am staring at my inbox, looking at those emails that I vow to return and it doesn't look good.

Well, aside from the 80+ emails from MySpace from people that wanted to be my friend. I deleted them all, they shall lie in wait in the MySpace inbox. And they will continue to lie in wait. I think I'm going to let MySpace die because it doesn't fit my personality at all.

Looking at MySpace, I don't know if I get it. Especially since it looks like the majority of the people can't spend an extra split second to type 'yo' on to 'u'. I know I have a few typo problems and grammatical errors that abound from time to time but come on people!

I also directed them to this blog from the MySpace Blog, so they will likely read this and get the picture.

Meanwhile, one of my roommates are moving out. I was ordered not to talk to her, not even to say a word in greeting. Long story. But she doesn't like me. Probably a good reason for that. And apparently she thinks I have a personal grudge against her because something of hers is missing and she thinks I took it.

News to Roommate: if you are gone for three weeks and you don't want anything to go missing, secure it or it might walk. In fact, as soon as I heard that she was back, I roommate proofed my room by securing anything of value to me, just so I wouldn't even give her the opportunity to retaliate. In case the thought crossed her mind, you never know.

Besides, I have no reason to steal from her. For one, I hate thieves and have more integrity then that and two, I would lose out on stealing from her more then she would. It's not worth it to me. Especially if what is missing is what I think it is, and if it is, I'll laugh in her face is she accuses me of stealing one of her Care Bears. Yeah, that's right, one of her care bears is apparently missing, she's obsessed with those things. But I can't gig her for that, I have something for the Ninja Turtles so we're even. I hear her talking in the middle of the night, something tells me she thinks I'm either deaf or stupid, fortunately the other roommate is smart enough to shut her up before she says something stupid. But she could be the type to try and frame me. She seems pretty pissed. I guess I'll watch my back.

I wonder if she reads my blog? Maybe she'll get a hint?

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