Only Crazy People Interview Each Other This Way

Um, don't ask. This is what I do when I get bored and it is late at night. I've done this before, just never posted it in a public place. If you think this is weird, you should read the others.

Or better yet, maybe you shouldn't. They either get really funny or really deep. Or just plain Stupid.


Risawn - Good evening, thanks for taking some time out of your hectic schedule to conduct this interview.
Kami - No problem. I'm starved!
R - Forget Dinner?
K - No, just felt like cleaning my inbox more. Dinner can wait. Besides, they have the 24 hour sandwich shop.
R - Sure you can trust that?
K - Eh, why not? It's just meat!
R - Bad Preventive Medicine.
K - Hey, if I had a real problem with it, I would fail them on my next inspection.
R - I know you far to well.
K - Yeah, that's because you're me.
R - Moving on, how are you taking to Kosovo life now that you've been here for 7 weeks?
K - Hmm, can't complain. Actually, the first few weeks I felt like I was going to go crazy because I had absolutely no time to wind down at night. Then I actually went crazy when during the course of a week Murphy's Law took over and nothing went right. Now I'm seeing a psychiatrist and taking Zoloft. All is well with the world again.
R - Um, that's good to hear. I think.
K - Today went by very well. It was a full day that started with Air Sampling and ended with, well, Air Sampling. I had to drive to the Airport to pick up some people. It was a really busy day but I was in a good mood the entire time and I was thinking to myself "gees, I need to have this kind of attitude every day." It's not like I didn't want to come here or something.
R - You volunteered.
K - I had to do something. The army having my life on hold was not cutting it for me. I'm willing to serve, I was ready to go where ever they needed me to go. Whether it be to Afghanistan, Iraq, or the Balkans. It's pretty quiet here in Kosovo, we aren't getting the press that other high profile areas are getting. But it can still be stressful at times. Our freedoms are limited and we still carry a rifle everywhere we go. It's my battle buddy.
R - So, can you say you're glad that you came?
K - I think two weeks ago, I couldn't say that. Just because of a lot of confusion and stress in my life, unwarranted at that. But right now, today, I can honestly say that I'm glad to be here. And right now, this very minute, there's nowhere I'd rather be.
R - Yeah, right.
K - Ok, you got me. Of course, there are other places that I would rather be then sitting here on my bunk typing away on my laptop in my SEAHut interviewing myself. But I'm glad I'm here, I'm grateful for this opportunity. I won't get another chance to do this again for a long time, if ever again. And there are some great opportunities here, whether it's to go to Sofia Bulgaria or Philippi Greece, or heck, even fly up to Bosnia or Germany. I'm in Europe, for crying out loud! I'll be here for the next year, why not take full advantage of these opportunities, take pictures, write a blog. . .
R - You do keep a blog.
K - Yeah, well I need to keep up on it better. I try to write down my experiences regularly and the Blog is a good way to do that. I probably should keep a paper journal too. I tried to keep a journal on my computer, but it lasted two days. I tend to go into to much detail. Not that it is a bad thing or anything, when looking back I'm grateful to the times I keep a detailed journal. But it takes forever to write. And I type like 80 words a minute so truthfully it's quicker for me to type away.
R - What made you start an Online Journal anyway?
K - I'm not exactly sure. One of my friends had one where she posted all sorts of stuff on it and I thought to myself "that's pretty cool, how hard would it be for me to get one of those?" and I looked into it and before long I had set myself up with a Blog. It was more for me then anything, I just posted little things about my day, my thoughts, whatever. I had a few regular readers, some would come and go, but it was never anything big. Sometimes I would try to kill it, stop posting to it for a time, or sometimes I would post thoughts to it that had no business being online. I even renamed it for a short time, just to get it through my head that I was going to kill this thing for good. It never died, as is evident by the fact that it is still here and in fact has a pretty decent readership. Now.
R - What brought the change, since your blog is 3 years old?
K - Politics. I don't consider myself a political person, normally, but I am. I usually avoid discussing politics except for election years. I started noticing political blogs this last year and started reading them more. Some of these political blogs even linked to me and we had some cross linkage. Strange, though it took Bush getting elected for me to really make it big.
R - you became famous for toting an M203.
K - Actually, YOU did. Most people on the Internet know me as Risawn.
R - Oh, point taken. Should we swap then?
K - Yes, let's. So, how did you handle it?
R - Very carefully. Well, at first, I found myself sitting in front of the computer monitor following links trying to figure out when this thing would quit. It just kept getting bigger and bigger. I'm grateful to the little reference link I have at the bottom of the blog, it showed me everybody that sent me a hit. I followed quite a few of them back. Most of the people were a bit shocked that I personally was responding to them when they were just talking about me. But I couldn't help it, nothing like this had ever happened to me before. I call it my fifteen minutes of fame. Fortunately, it died down a bit. I was wondering if it would ever let up.
K - Sounds a bit hair-raising.
R - After the 2 dozen marriage proposals, I was beginning to worry if I would acquire stalkers. Fortunately for me, I became known as an advocate of the 2nd amendment. So hopefully, nobody would be stupid enough to stalk me. Besides, right now I'm in the middle of Kosovo. I would like to see somebody try to stalk me here.
K - Fellow soldiers?
R - Right, I'm the one showing them the link. Everyone's curious after the Any Soldier package producing the Phone Cards. When I tell people the story, it always lands back on Not Sorry.
K - Your picture.
R - Right, my picture. I'm a gun-toting t-shirt babe you know!
K - No, Sarahk still holds that honor.
R - Oh, right. But still, I won the match!
K - After you got hit on the head with a chair.
R - Oh shut up, that was just a stupid GIF!
K - I thought it was pretty damn funny.
R - Eh, who am I kidding? So did I.
K - So, what now?
R - Wait to check up on RedvsBlue for a new cartoon.
K - That's pathetic.
R - What can I say? I'm addicted. We all have to have our own little addictions. Whether it be Blogging, Webcomics, or RedvsBlue.
K - Or Ninja Turtles.
R - How about Politics?
K - *gag!* Ok, so I'm addicted to Politics.
R - And Michael Moore Bashing!
K - Yay!
R - and chocolate milk!
K - And Barq's Root Beer!
R - Ok, enough already.
K - You started it.
R - Touche

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