Black Hawk Down = Greatest War Movie Ever (or pretty high up there)

Between Hearing Conservation, my quest to have perfectly shined boots, and the task of cleaning out my inbox, things have been kind of going slow for me here on the KFOR front.

Oh, and Black Hawk Down is one of the greatest war movies Ever. Yes, I've seen it before, but I just saw it again, for class, to reiterate the importance of perserving your hearing. Can I just mention that this movie is great? Why can't hollywood make more honest pictures about war like this?

And the actors are pretty hot too. But I didn't say that.

Meanwhile, I have been instructed to give a talk in church this sunday. Um, actually, I made a note of asking who was giving a talk this sunday which basically is the same as volunteering myself. I have no idea what I'm supposed to talk about. I was given a lot freedom in that regard, I guess as long as its appropriate, I should be fine. (I belong to a religion that doesn't use the standard chaplin, we run our own meetings basically)

Now what in the world should I talk about for thirty minutes?

Um, I'll get back to you on that.

Its strange, you go to church in a combat zone, everyone's sunday best happens to be BDUs and a weapon. Or PTs and a weapon. Your at the pulpit, armed. You pray, armed. Everyone around you is armed.

That means don't talk to long and make the congregation fidgety!

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