Minor Updates

Ok, so I updated the side bar a bit. Including the Blogroll. Um, don't read to much into it, I'm working on it. Currently, there is no method to that madness.

I just know I got a big honkin' blog roll!

I, um, also added more to the donation log, though I kind of feel bad putting that up. You people have been far to kind, but if you're asking for it, there it is.

I do ask people to use the Any Soldier Link.

Meanwhile, my goals are many, and they include a lot. I've got a lot of books on my 'To Read' list now.

Heck, because I'm notorious for things like this, here is my current 'list'.

Book: Halo; the Flood (bit of Sci Fi reading)
Next up: Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
Just finished: Michael Moore is a big fat stupid white guy and Am I a Mutant or What? A Foxtrot Collection

Video: Pirated Copy of Million Dollar Baby (fortunately for Hollywood, I think its a bad copy however
Next up: Boondock Saints
Last Watched: Celsius 41.11 and RedvsBlue Season 2

Video Game: Halo2, and a bit on again off again with Fable.
Next up: the wireless network adapter so I can square up a big fat Halo2 match with the guys one building down. I vow to at least get two kills in next time.

Project: Creature wants to live again, I just know it. I vow to get that thing online on a regular basis again.
I think I'm going to start drawing more too. I got some sketch books, I should draw some birds. Or something.

Latest Website: Human Descent, hehe, too funny!

Latest Blog: Llama Butchers; ok, not a latest one, but one I'm reading again :) I need to break myself back into the Blogosphere slowly. I really got into it pretty good last October! Which was back when I was a no-name blog.

Eh, that's enough for now. I think I need to get on that Inbox. I got a lot of emails that are asking for a reply!

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