hmmmmmmmm. . .

Alright, Nix that Audio Blogger. Don't know what's going on with that.

And, um, I have about 18 hours to write a talk for church tomorrow. Yeah, I haven't even started. Today was going to be designated the 'sit in the room and work on something intelligent to say at church tomorrow' day on account of me being busy with other things all week, but that got scrapped when my boss told me to come in and work when he had originally told me to take the day off. I ended up working my 8 or so hours anyway.

And here's a shocker. You know that Roommate I was telling you about? Yeah, the one who I had absolutely nothing in common with and was mad as hell at, or at least, she was mad as hell at me? Well, we're doing great now. In fact, she's starting to become one of my best friends here. Sort of. one of my best 'girl' friends at least. I've got a few guys that I'm clicking with friendship wise as well, but, well, when I'm usually holed up in the room after work due to complete exhaustion, or peace and quiet, I tend to kind of steer clear of other people and their desire to go see movies or go to the gym. Or whatever else.

I've always been self sufficient with the entertainment segment anyway. Finding things to do after work has never been a problem.

Also, went outside the wire again today. You know, this region would be really pretty if they would pick up their trash. But I guess when you live in a war zone, that's the last thing on you're mind.

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