Latest ramblings, continued

Lately, my blog has had a lot to do with updates on my life, or lack there of. *sighs*

Anyway, the issue with my blog is resolved, for now. And FYI, I was not ordered to remove the blog, I did it on my own until I was comfortable with what I could or could not post.

So, the Milblog is back up and functional once again. Offending posts have been removed. And a guideline to OPSEC issues that I have tentively titled "The Ten Commandments of Milblogging". At least, they are my commandments. And I shall obey.

Meanwhile, I think I'm going to start looking around for a new webserver. My current one, or so I've discovered, can be insanely slow at times. I know some people have been more then kind about allowing me to host my website on their servers, but being the insanely independent person that I am, I want to retain my freedom of being entirely independent and supporting my server myself. So I'm just asking if anybody knows a good Hosting Service that I can use that is relatively quick. Or at least, quicker then my current (which is Yahoo Webhosting, only because I've been with them for nearly six years)

Oh, and one of my battle buddies just convinced me that I should look into a new hobby that is expensive at first, but gets cheaper the more often you do it. SkyDiving. Yeah, I've always wanted to go, so now I think when I get home, I might buy a car, take a roadtrip to Arizona, Skydiving capital of America I think, and

And I'll be in country longer then 12 months boots on ground. Hey, I don't mind, more money and less opportunity to spend it!

Next item to knock off on my list of things to do, Empty out that Inbox. I'm giving myself until Sunday to get this taken care of. So if you emailed me recently, expect a blurp.

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