Boredom Hazards

Hearing Conservation thing-a-ma-jig continues. I have pretty darn good hearing apparently, though I feel like I'm hearing things when I'm not supposed to. Like that little whistle in the hearing booth. Was that a Beep? I think so. Wait, it wasn't? Hold on a second. Are you sure? Oh wait, that's my pulse pounding in my head.

I thought I had terrible hearing. I just concentrate on things to much and zone everything else out I guess, because I say 'What?' a lot.

Meanwhile, SGT S keeps asking for my stories. He's read my comic before and he found out that I wrote stories when I let slip that I have one that has amassed a length of over 1000 pages. With a font size of 10. Yes, I like to write.

I promptly told him no and he got mad at me. So he gave me his thumb drive and told me he didn't want it back until it had a story on it. I gave him Chance. He then demanded another one, because this one had no closure. And it was short.

Well, um, none of them do. None of them are finished! Gah!

So I sat down and started reading them, looking for one that might be at a shareable level, because the thousand page one most assuredly is not. Besides, I get self conscious with my writing. I either have to much detail or to much dialog.

And I usually wince at my own stories anyway. Heck, I wince at Blog Entries sometimes. I get pretty open with my blog, you should see me with my 'novels'. I've got about six of them I'm working on at any given time, I just go from one to teh next. No wonder I never get anything done!

Meanwhile, now I have to do research on this PS2 I bought. I could have sworn it came with cables. Or at least something to plug it in. All I got was a console! No wires, no cables, not even a controller. Just a console. I could have sworn I bought it with all the wires. I guess that's what I get for buying it used.

Meanwhile, surfed through my pictures, when i converted SGT S to miniondom (he got a riot out of 'not sorry') and laughed at a few of them that I was joking around with. I particularly liked this one I took just goofing around.

Yeah, back when I had hair. *sob* SSG E just informed me that he was angry with me for cutting my hair. I told him it would grow back.

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