One Mission is Done. . .

And so, thus ends my air sampling mission. Today was the last day for air sampling and now it is over. Unless I am ordered to continue it again, which I might, but it is over for now.

It was one of those things that was mine, my job, my mission, whatever. But it was mine and though the first time I did it on my own was a complete and miserable failure, since then I got pretty good at it and it was kind of my way to get out of the office and take one of the Humm-V's out and do my own thing. It was also a chance to talk to a new face, I got to know quite a few of the Force Protection guys guarding the wire.

Anyway, it is now over. And it kind of makes me sad. I'm hoping we get handed that mission again soon. And there is no way I'm going to let them take it away from me. Air sampling is mine I tell you. MINE MINE MINE!

See, I'm a bit angst ridden because other tasks will be keeping me from actually finishing the mission. I have training that conflicts and so my two battle buddies are going to pick up the slack and my mission will go out with a small blurp on the radar, because I'm not the one who will be finishing it.

I got to like Air Sampling. I guess I'll post pictures in the Milblog about it.

Meanwhile, tomorrow I get to talk to a JAG officer about my blog. He's the defense lawyer here on post, basically if somebody does something stupid, or gets accused of something, then he's there to protect them. As long as they don't crash and burn before he gets that chance. He'll be able to give me some advice on what I can post and what I shouldn't. Becuase truthfully, I can post whatever I want. Its the consequences I have to live with.

Oh, and Mom? The Peeps are getting a lot of attention. I've got the beanbag Peep sitting on my monitor waiting to wish in the Easter season. It is soft and furry and makes me smile.

I think I'll take a picture.

It has attained its rightful place and shall not be moved henceforth from this spot. Kind of like the christmas tree left over from the previous task force.

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