The Internet, Bare Naked Ladies, and the Cheesiest Video of All Time

So anyway, the whole Roommate Spiel will hopefully eventually settle down, but I'm not counting on it.

But the Good News! I finally have internet in my room! Wireless, right to my Laptop! The wonders of technology will never cease to amaze me!

The bad news? It's. . .insanely. . .sloooooooowwwww. . .

Which brings me to my next point. The cheesiest video of all time.

It was made about a week ago, on my computer.

I guess I better start at the beginning.

I was having a particularly ho-hum day (meaning not great) when PFC W comes and says hi. See, he's got this video camera he just bought and I open the door to him video taping me. So what continues is this rather candid discussion, where I'm being kind of melancholy (my puddy I just got froze in the mail and it made me sad). Then he went and started video taping my roommate spawned from hell and she chewed him out. So we ended up taping over that part too. But not before he could get a frozen picture of the chair in her part of the room (which makes a candid appearance in the CVOAT, several times). See, most of this video is of W playing with his camera trying to figure it out, switching to the light, night vision and whatever.

I thought it was mildly humorous after watching it and asked him if I could have the tape so I could transfer it onto my computer. He went ahead and gave me the tape.

Well, then I had to figure out how to transfer it onto my computer. I started playing with various bits of software, because that's how I learn best. Heck, that's how I learn everything with a computer, by playing with it until I figure it out.

I ran into a piece of software that happened to capture video and I'm like Cool! SO I used it.

It made the cheesiest video of all time. If you are watching this thing you're thinking that this should be a wedding video or something. I hadn't laughed so hard since I been here. All I could think is "what the heck is this?"

I thought I would share, but couldn't get it online through the government computers (besides, the government kind of looks down on that, even in the MWR (Morale Welfare and Recreation)

So I had to wait until I could get a connection on my computer. 2 hours later, and listening to the Bare Naked Ladies concert that I attended last summer (good times, these people are what actually got me hooked on RedvsBlue, which I have recently pegged out as full blown addicted, IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT, BNL!), it is now online.

How could this. . .

. .turn into this?

I mean, seriously? You would think me and PFC W were an item or something? (no, we're just friends, he was cheering me up, and he unintentionally succeeded)

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