My AK's tougher then your sister's M4!

I got an email a couple of days ago, challenging my badassedness. Now don't get me wrong, he's are a supporter of the blog and everything, but he just wanted to challenge me, saying that his sister is tougher then I am.

And here is his reasoning, quoted directly out of the email.

1. She goes in to battle dressed stylishly, rather than in drab
camoflage patterns.

2. She has bigger hair than you do.

3. Her weapon appears to be loaded, whereas yours always seem to be empty.

4. Her minions are ex-SAS blokes and Afghanis, rather than geeks.

5. Er... that's all.

Then there was a picture.

Here is my refute. Point One.

Well, anybody can say that their sense of style is better then mine. I have no sense of style, my sense of style tends to fall under the seattle term 'grunge', sort of. I like baggy pants and t-shirts. I'm all for comfort, sweetheart. But if you really want to see style, did your sister ever play laserquest in a prom dress?

I didn't think so.

Point Two

No comment. Besides, right now I'm missing most of it. But eventually it will grow back!

But i had pretty big hair at my prom!

Point Three

When you're in a military environment carrying 210 rounds between all seven of your magazines, if you are caught with a magazine locked and loaded and you aren't on a range or outside the wire, your head would get chewed off quicker then you can say Article 15. So usually, when I'm with my little M16, I don't have it locked and loaded. But that doesn't mean I don't get pictures from time to time.

Besides, Chuck, my AK, clearly has a magazine larger then an M4's. As is demonstrated to the right. YEAH, look at that bad boy! And that sucker NEVER jams!

Anyway, not all weapons have a magazine. Like this rifle.

Point Four

You need to take that up with my Minions. Some of which are in the army. Hehe. Including non-geeks in my unit who have since seen my website and said "I want to be a minion!"

No, seriously, somebody said this to me. And he's pretty hoorah.

Point Five


I win!

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