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ATTENTION MURRAY: (permalinks should be fixed. Note Should)

Man, I've been riding high on that concert for the last week, I can't express how much flippen' fun I had! Lit has since become one of my favorite rock bands and I've even been lurking in their forums. Well, ok, I haven't really been lurking, I posted pictures. Thought Lit lovers would appreciate them more then anybody else.

So um, there are some more pictures for you to paruse at your leisure, most of them link back to my site.

And I'm still working on getting videos online. The only way I can get things online is through FTP, and the internet connection from my laptop has proven to be particularly horrendous. It takes me about 6 minutes to download a 100K file. These are like 16 megs.

And everyone in the hospital has jumped on the any soldier bandwagon, well, at least it feels like that. Which reminds me, i need to update my site. I got so freakin' spoiled the first few months I was here, pratically getting a letter/package/something in the mail everyday, many times two or three +, that now that I'm going into this dryspell, I'm thinking, "where's my package?"

Of course, I still need to mail these letters I have sitting in my hut as I sit here typing this out. I've got about fifteen letters to return. And I need to see if I can find that invoice for that Mug so I can give Murray a post card because he's feeling out of the loop.

Or he could just send me his address :)

Hopefully, I'll have enough time after I get back from Greece (after giving the task force a swift kick in the fourth point of contact to send me info for their respective sections) I'll have a website up for Task Force Med Falcon.

Why oh why did I agree to take this assignment on?

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