Guy Friends

I've made a few friends from Task Force Tornado, the all male unit from Kansas posing as Infantry. One in particular, a guy named Nate, has become a pretty good friend of mine. Actually, I've acquired quite a few good friends from Tornado, I'm not sure if its just because I'm female and they're having withdrawals or what, but don't worry, I've been on my guard in that arena. And I think they got the hint too.

But they're still pretty cool guys.

Meanwhile, Saturday before yesterday Nate asked me if I wanted to go see Fred Trevalena with him, sort of a 'date' but as friends, nothing more. So I went to see Fred Travalena, we had a good time, and he informed me that Saturday was my turn to pick what we were going to do.

At the time I had no idea what we were going to, there isn't a whole lot to do on Bondsteel. YOu could catch a movie in the theater with the horrible surround sound or work out in the gym, or play pool at the MWR building. Or go get a Rootbeer float at the cappuccino bar. Hey, if you really want to get fancy, you can go out to eat instead of going to the DFAC. Your choices are Burger King or Anthony's Pizza.

The arena is pretty limited. And you have to watch what you do, because I hate to say this, but the command can get a little anal at times.

Well, one of the Specialists in my unit had managed to acquire a pretty decent copy of Star Wars, and since I didn't have any other ideas of what to do, I thought maybe he wouldn't mind sitting down and we could watch a movie.

Well, apparently he liked the whole Star Wars thing. He mentioned repeatedly that it was one of the coolest dates he had ever been on, when a girl supplied Star Wars. We went to his hutch, and his roomies wanted to see it too. At first we were watching it on a 13 inch screen when we decided that it was a wee bit to small. So one of the other soldiers got his projector out and we hooked that up to the Xbox and hung a sheet and VIOLA! Instant big screen TV!

I won major kudos, and the movie was pretty good, besides the time stamp of the obviously pirated copy.

Don't worry George, when it comes out for real, I'll get a legal copy.

We got chinese at the DFAC and some fruit juice in boxes, all gathered around and watched Episode Three, meanwhile trying to keep it on the low down before everyone came into the hutch wanting to watch it. And there were a few people who came around wondering why we hadn't said anything to them about having flippen' starwars in the barracks.

I guess that's the best screening I'm going to get of it meanwhile, because by the time I do make it to a real theater with decent sound, Star Wars will likely have left the building.

Unless they have decent theaters in Bulgaria.

Meanwhile, Nate has the 'date' for this Saturday. He's questioning whether or not he can top Star Wars however.

If all else fells, I have a DDR Pad. We were doing that, it was laughable. And funny.

And of course, after Star Wars, you can't forget Karaoke. I sung more songs within my range, though I did have fun singing Joan Jett "I love Rock and Roll", however, sorry, I didn't get it on film.

But I don't think you need it on film after my last lovely rendition.

The take with me and another guy named Richard singing "Lion Sleeps Tonight," by the tokens was particularly hilarious. I found out I can't keep a straight face and hit those high notes when another person is on stage with me.

The guys in Tornado want to throw a party and get me to invite my girl friends from Med Falcon. I noted that the problem with that is I wasn't exactly buddy buddy with a lot of girls in Med Falcon (true, I get along during work, but my idea of fun and their idea of fun don't actually coincide), hence why I have started to hang out almost exclusively with people from outside of the task force. Or guys from within the task force.

Mostly guys. Hardly any girls. Cooincidence? I wonder?

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