Extra Curricular Plans for this Week

Note: I posted about this earlier, and then my internet connection promptly up and died, which by the way, is one of the reasons why I haven't been posting to this thing lately.

I got talked into doing Karaoke tonight. This should be interesting.

I guess I'll take my camera and get a shot of me singing. I have a video camera that I bought that I haven't used once however.

Added Note: Did Karaoke tonight, had a flippen' blast! That is now one of the main things I get to do every night week, or every other week, maybe, from this point on.

Video to follow. I promise. Then you can hear me sing, I sang four songs in all,
When I'm Gone By 3 Doors Down, Disease by Matchbox 20, Don't Speak by No Doubt, and a duet to Picture by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow, to which I might add, I sucked majorly so, but had a lot of fun. I got videos off all, and I will snibbits from each

I think I'll take that with me tomorrow to the Lit concert. Yeah, a band with some name recognition has come to sing for the troops in the balkans. They have automatically assumed a level of ultra coolness in my eyes. I will give the laydown on Lit tomorrow night, or Tuesday morning, depending on how out of it I am.

Also, my Gee came in. For Kajukenbo. I'm taking my camera with me on Tuesday and I'll get some pictures of me doing some Roundhouse Kicks in the proper attire.

In other plans that have been eating at my free time, I've gotten to a point where I'm actually updating regularly with my Comic. Mt Lubojan (commonly referred to as Big Duke) has made a candid appearance within it. This is the mountain we see every day to the South of Camp Bondsteel. It really is a beautiful mountain.

I plan on going on the DANCON road march next Sunday. However, I've been tasked with Driver's Duty, and now i have to find somebody to take over Drivers Duty over so I could go on a 25K road march sponsored by the Danes instead. There will be pictures, and I will post about that, and I'll probably make use out of my neglected Milblog once again.

And the latest on the iPod, because several people have asked about it.

It works now. I threatened it, and it has since behaved. It hasn't paused on me once today and I've been listening to it practically all day too. It has been a good little iPod, I just wish it would be a bit more random in its song selection.

Note: As soon as I typed this, it started scratching up songs and pausing once again. But I don't know if it was becuase it was out of juice or not. Is plugged in and juicing up batteries as we speak

In work related news, this week we plan on having the website up. I just have to get the content from the other sections. And I need to learn some different scripts to put up some pictures.

Those pictures are going to be the end of me. I swear it.

Bulgaria is officially on. I even went shopping for some real normal clothes that don't say KFOR or Army on them. I've bought a lot of T-shirts while I've been here and none of them are wise to wear outside of the United States, and we aren't allowed to wear civilian clothes here.

Which means I got to be a girl and go SHOPPING for real clothes!!!

When shopping for clothes makes me excited, something's going on. Or I'm just getting burned out on Camouflage, Combat Boots and PTs.

Something obviously.

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