Episode III

Everyone is talking about Star Wars right now. Why not? Supposedly the final episode is better then the last two combined, not that I would know, I'm deployed in a combat zone with the nearest theater playing it (in english) is many many miles away.

Unless you count piracy. Which is prevalent here. Becuase Kosovo has no copyright laws.

And we have to get our fixes in some how.

Well, one of the good Specialists in my unit had managed to acquire a copy of Episode III and has been playing snibbits of it out of order, mainly dueling lightsaber scenes, and now I know who kills Count Dooku.

He tells me that he'll ruin it for me further after lunch.

We even had the unit Psychologist come in asking if he needed to seperate us (or confiscate the movie) to which the good Specialist said no and he whispered "darn".

I just want to borrow it so I can see it in full. Unfortunately, in that regard, rank has no privelege. Especially concerning this specific Specialist.

Guess I'll be watching Episode III on a laptop.

Not that it really matters, I'll likely watch it again when it makes it to the post theater (with the crappy sound system) that I get to watch it for free on anyway. So regardless, George Lucas won't be making money off of me anyway. So I feel less guilty about the pirated stuff.

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