Well, This is It!

Wow, that was close. I almost slept in!

in that my alarm didn't go off, but I have a great biological clock for this sort of thing. I woke up myself ten minutes after it was supposed to wake me up.

Anyway, I'm off to Greece and I'll be back some time later this week. Although I am taking my computer, I don't intend on using it all that much. Its more of my dumping ground for the many many pictures I intend on taking.

I'm just in the hospital right now tying up last minute errands (like emailing my battle buddies important information, cleaning out my inbox, taking a second to update my blog, that sort of thing)

So anyway, I'm in civilians for the first time in almost 4 months and I feel naked because I turned in my weapon yesterday and I don't have this extra weight on my back that I've come to be used too. Feels weird not lugging around a weapon everywhere.

And then I had another Red Vs Blue marathon with some of my new friends in Tornado. At this rate, I think I will have everyone on Camp Bondsteel watching this thing by the end of this deployment. . . well the guys at least. I haven't gotten any other girls hooked on it yet.

UPDATE: Red Vs Blue is a cartoon based on Halo that I'm slightly addicted too.

Tornado is Task Force Tornado, which is the infantry (well, actually they're Armor posed as infantry for purposes here in Kosovo). I'm in Task Force Med Falcon, which is the hospital.

Apparently that confused somebody.

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