Rambling Thoughts

I don't know when I'm going to be able to tell you about Greece, most likely long after the whole appeal of the trip has been whisked out of my mind and the monotony of Bondsteel comes back into play.

I just got back and I've been told I'm going to BNCOC tomorrow, Basic Sergeant School that is. That's a two week course and I doubt I'll have much internet access.

And it seems that if I put any thought or feeling into any post I write (I wrote a doozy about my first day in Greece), Blogger deletes half of it. Or if I post anything in regards to my experiences and trials with being a Sergeant, my internet times out.

I'm a little frustrated right now, at a lot of things. Greece should have been the key to helping me relax and escape for a while, but it seems that I came back to a headache.

Pardon me if I'm quiet for a little while longer as I try to recoop and get my thoughts together.

Strange, I was in better shape before going to Greece then I am now coming back.

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