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Kajukenbo continues. . .

I'm on my third week of this, last Saturday the uniforms came in and now I can feel like a real martial artist, in a sweet lookin' black Gee and a white belt.

Yeah, so everyone knows that a white belt means I'm a newb, but the white belt goes very well with the black gee.

And I took pictures.

It is hard to get a picture in the middle of a kick. It is even harder to do it without making some sort of stupid face.

Punches are a lot easier.

I don't know about you, but that looks an awful lot like my 'not sorry' face. I'm feeling really self conscious about my hair lately too. Oh well, I like 'not sorry' better, but this is cool. I'm going to attempt to get more pictures later, and maybe even some videos or something.

In Other News - I put together a video of me singing Karaoke (I could easily use this stuff to black mail myself, its that bad) and also included a clip with me singing with Lit. However, internet connection is still hella slow and I have to use FTP to upload a file this big.

That means that the internet freaks out. I'll try to blackmail myself to my public asap.

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