The Four-One-One on Lit

I think I'm in Love.

No, seriously, these guys rocked! And I have a new found respect for rock bands who come to war torn third world countries to put up a free rockin' show for the troops and let them dive off the stage and mosh. I've never moshed before, never been to a concert where I was close enough to the stage too.

The audience was completely sober (well, maybe a couple of people had been drinking when they weren't supposed to), and from what I understand, so was the band. There is no alcohol on Bondsteel. AJ, the lead singer, made a comment about it too, something to the effect of "you know, I don't think I've ever had a concert where the audience was sober and everyone was carrying guns."

He then asked us to show our weapons so they could take a picture.

I was up on the stage practically the entire time either catching the thing on video or taking pictures (when I wasn't moshing). I was in a pretty close proximity to the band. Here's an idea.

They're best known song is probably "My Own Worst Enemy" which is a song just about everyone in the audience knew. They pulled us up on the stage with them and we sang along, I have never had so much fun at a concert before.

And of course, I have the obligatory pictures of me with the band.

They came around the hospital earlier that day and we gave them a tour. I was trying to tell them my job function but I got interrupted, that and we have a lot of graphic pictures in our office. I probably ran into these guys around post four or five times yesterday before the concert.

Did I mention these guys rocked? They are now one of my favorite bands (seeing a band live in concert does that to me) and it is my quest to attain their CDs. I have one back at home. Now I need the other three.

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